Whitney Sewell

Managing Partner, CEO


Whitney Sewell is your trusted guide to prosperity and purpose. A Kentucky native and Army National Guard veteran, his journey is marked by resilience and a commitment to making a difference. In 2009, realizing that law enforcement wouldn’t provide the financial freedom he desired, Whitney and his wife, Chelsea, turned to real estate investment. He founded Life Bridge Capital LLC in 2017, a venture that not only offers investors exceptional returns but also contributes 50% of Whitney’s personal profits to support adoption.

Whitney’s influence extends beyond business. As the host of “The Real Estate Syndication Show,” he shares wisdom from industry experts, empowering passive investors. He and his wife are the founders of the Omnah Foundation, dedicated to helping orphans and their adoptive families. With a portfolio of 1500 units valued at approximately $450 million, Whitney and his business partner Sam Rust have led Life Bridge Capital’s remarkable growth. When you invest with Whitney, you’re not only growing your wealth; you’re becoming part of a movement that changes lives—one investor, one family, and one child at a time.