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WS317: Considerations for Dealing with International Investors with Mauricio Rauld

On today’s episode, we welcome back Mauricio Rauld from Premier Law Group who will talk to us about the legal considerations when dealing with offshore investors. Mauricio shares with listeners the most important aspects to keep in mind whenever investment funds are transferred from a foreign country to the US, including adherence to the securities law of that country and ensuring that investors file their tax returns.

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He also shares why setting up an LLC is advisable, why it is safer to run transactions through your bank rather than through peer to peer platforms and the complications that could ensue if the country where the money is coming from does not recognize your entity formation, such as the LLC. In this regard he talks specifically about Canadian investors and what could be done about the fact that the Canadian government does not recognize the LLC. Mauricio also talks about offshore marketing, what the implications might be if syndicators were to do exclusively international offerings and how they can leverage the Regulation S exemption for their benefit. Join us for another great show!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • Keeping in mind that countries have different securities laws and consulting tax professionals.
  • A measure to ensure that foreign investors file their tax returns in the US.
  • Checking in with your CPA and being responsible for the investor’s taxes. 
  • Good reasons why you might consider asking the foreign investor to set up a US LLC.
  • The complications that may be involved in international wire transfers nowadays.
  • Informing your bank whenever a large sum of money is transferred from abroad.
  • Money laundering and the benefits of running big transactions through a bank. 
  • Ensuring that the country where the funds are coming from recognizes your entity formation.
  • Special considerations when dealing with Canadian investors.
  • Thoughts on doing virtual marketing presentations in other countries.
  • Relying on the Regulation S (RegS) exemption for exclusively international offerings.
  • And much more!

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About Mauricio Rauld

Mauricio is the Founder and CEO of Premier Law Group, an internationally recognized securities firm that spends 100% of their practice on syndication for real estate investors. He regularly travels around the country speaking to real estate investors and entrepreneurs, educating them about how the syndication legal piece fits into the overall syndication puzzle. Mauricio is know for taking complex matter and making them easy to understand and is jokingly referred to as one of the few lawyers who actually speaks English. He has shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Ken McElroy, Peter Schiff, Brad Sumrok, and, of course, The Real Estate Guys.

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