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RES 280 | Multifamily Insurance Industry
Listen to the podcast here: The insurance industry is often so spread out to a variety of different niches that it has become difficult for investors to find the total protection they need. Providing a solution to this issue is Bryan Shimeall of Multifamily Risk Advisors. MRA are the experts when it comes to the...
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RES 255 | Property Management
Listen to the podcast here: A lot of people in the real estate industry may be in a dilemma whether to go into property management or not. Dylan Marma says there really is no right or wrong answer. Property management is not about the fees; it’s more about something you do to control your assets....
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RES 254 | Running Successful Syndication Businesses
Listen to the podcast here: Investing in real estate is like chasing a squirrel; there are so many ways to do it. Gary Lipsky, the President and CEO of a consulting and investment firm called Break of Day LLC, didn’t know which area to invest in when he got started in real estate. As a...
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