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WS36: Effective Marketing Techniques That Will Help Syndicators Discover Value Deals with Michael Quarles


In this episode, Whitney interviews Michael Quarles, real estate investor and host of the Michael Quarles Real Estate Show. Michael reveals how a systematic marketing approach can help you discover value deals in real estate syndication. What is cluster marketing, and how can this marketing concept help syndicators scout of prospective deals? How do you differentiate your direct mail marketing efforts? And which other marketing techniques can you use to find success in real estate syndication? Tune in to receive some great insights.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Whitney introduces Michael to listeners
  • 01:08 – Michael shares how he cracked his first impromptu deal at the age of 18
  • 02:44 – Learn about the other businesses that Michael owns
  • 04:06 – How did Michael end up getting up seller financing in spite of his check bouncing?
  • 05:07 – Important to ask questions to learn more and widen your knowledge base
  • 06:27 – A scientific and systematic approach will help you find good syndication deals
  • 07:28 – What is Cluster Marketing, and how can it help syndicator scout of prospects?
  • 09:37 – How Coca Cola is applying the principles of cluster marketing
  • 11:41 – Michael shares how a systemized approach for inbound marketing helps you push up your closing rate
  • 14:29 – How a script oriented approach can help syndicators immensely with their marketing efforts
  • 16:38 – Is sending out yellow letters to owners of 100 unit complexes a good idea?
  • 17:18 – Some great Tips and Tricks for scouting out underperforming assets
  • 18:47 – How to differentiate your Direct Mail Marketing efforts to stand out in the crowd
  • 19:50 – Finding multifamily properties with  high vacancy might turn out to be a good value buy
  • 20:08 – Understanding the term business in real estate syndication
  • 21:51 – Is resorting to tried and tested Direct Marketing tricks a good idea?
  • 23:00 – Is sending out zip letters a good way of discovering new prospects?
  • 23:41 – Learn why texting is still a great marketing tool for real estate syndicators
  • 24:44 – How to get your own phone shortcut, and how it can help you market your syndication business
  • 25:57 – Michael shares his “Why”
  • 27:20 – Michael shares his contact information
  • 27:40 – Michael’s parting message for listeners
  • [spp-timestamp time=”28:58″] –  A special thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Why a systemized script oriented approach is necessary to strike a respectable closing rate
  2. The ART of achieving greater conversions in Direct Mail Marketing
  3. How to scout out underperforming assets in real estate syndication



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