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WS107: How to Purchase and Improve Value Add Properties for Cash Flow Appreciation with David Toupin

Real Estate Syndication, real estate deal, real estate investing


David Toupin, Owner Obsidian Capital Co. shares some insightful business strategies for purchasing and improving value add syndication properties to generate handsome cash flow appreciation.

How did David manage to establish a successful syndication business at the age of 23? How did he find his first deal? You will learn how he managed to grow his $44,000 a door investment to $60,000 a door in barely a year. David also shares some great tips which will help you deal flow, set up right deal structure and communicate effectively with investors. For all this and much, much more, tune in to our latest show!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces David to listeners
  • 01:20 – David shares his background information; how did he get started in real estate investing?
  • 02:26 – David starts his real estate journey by fixing and flipping properties
  • 03:04 – A desire to generate a passive income and get involved in larger projects pushed David towards syndication
  • 04:40 – Was David nervous venturing into the real estate business? How did his family and friends react to his decision?
  • 05:50 – Finding the right mentor is critical for gaining initial traction in your business
  • 06:31 – Networking Tips, Tricks, and Resources for inexperienced investors who wish to transition to the syndication business
  • 08:43 – Can you start off with the syndication business from the get-go?
  • 09:21 – David reveals how he his $44,000-a-door investment has grown to $60,000-a-door in just a year
  • 11:30 – How did David raise capital for his first deal?
  • 13:20 – David shares how he managed to generate a 90% return on the $500,000 he invested for renovating his last property
  • 15:18 – How to find motivated sellers in real estate with yellow letters
  • 16:18 – Get your tax queries answered by the Real Estate CPA
  • 17:28 – How has David structured his last deal? What is his exit strategy?
  • 18:23 – Why was the first deal not received well by investors?
  • 19:40 – How to structure an investor presentation that instantly resonates with your target audience
  • 21:30 – Which CRM is David using to manage his business?
  • 22:27 – David has some great advice for inexperienced investors who wish to transition to the syndication business
  • 24:05 – What has been the hardest part of the syndication business for David?
  • 25:27 – Steps that David is taking to increase deal flow
  • 26:08 – Effective Ways via which David is improving his business
  • 27:11 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to David’s success?
  • 27:34 – David gives us a “peek” into his Deal Analyzer; learn how you can gain access
  • 29:18 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
  • [spp-timestamp time=”29:33″] – A Special Thanks to our sponsor, LifeBridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to find and improve a value add property for handsome cash flow appreciation
  2. The ART of structuring your real estate deal in the correct way
  3. Effective ways of increasing deal flow


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