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WS161: Experts Tips for Managing a Real Estate Investment Business with Vinney Chopra


Vinney Chopra, CEO of Moneil Homes, reveals some key attributes which will allow syndicators to efficiently manage their real estate investments, and generate handsome ROI’s for their investors.

This show starts off with Vinney sharing his background information. You will learn how Vinney honed his sales skills which eventually helped him raise millions of dollars in the real estate syndication business.

How do you win the trust of prospective investors? And, how do you retain this trust once your investors are on board? You will learn some effective ways of overcoming investor objections. Vinney also reveals some systems and processes which allow him to generate better ROI’s for his investors. Towards the end, you will learn about the different challenges that syndicators commonly face, and how to overcome them.

Tune in for some great insights!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Vinney Chopra
  • 01:43 – Vinney reveals how he honed his sales skills
  • 02:48 – Vinney shares his background information; how he got into real estate syndication?
  • 03:33 – How a structured self-care routine can help you in life and business
  • 04:53 – Communication and transparency are key for building trust with investors
  • 07:20 – How to prepare an Investor’s Deck for educating the investor and assuaging concerns
  • 11:31 – The ART of overcoming investor reservations about real estate syndication
  • 12:56 – Vinney shares how referrals can bring in millions of dollars in capital
  • 15:01 – How does Vinney maintain relations once investors come on board?
  • 19:00 – Cultivating a humble attitude is crucial for managing investors as well as employees
  • 19:46 – How does Vinney maintain a fiduciary duty to his investors?
  • 20:07 – Text LEARN to 474747 to learn the nuances of multifamily syndication from Vinney Chopra
  • 22:03 – How self-managing a property will allow you to generate better ROI’s for your investors
  • 24:00 – Importance of having an iron-clad accounting system
  • 25:42 – What has been the most challenging aspect of the syndication business for Vinney?
  • 28:10 – How does Vinney avoid over-raising capital?
  • 30:05 – What is the number one thing that has contributed to Vinney’s success?
  • 30:18 – How hiring a good mentor can help you gain traction in business
  • 31:55 – How does Vinney give back to society?
  • 34:27 – Vinney shares details of his soon-to-be-launched $50 million 506 (C) offering
  • 35:16 – Text “Syndication” to 474747 to get access to some great resources
  • 36:15 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
  • 36:17 – Join our Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals and real estate experts like Vinney
  • [spp-timestamp time=”36:26″] – A special thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How communication and transparency can help you build trust with investors
  2. Effective ways of generating greater ROI’s for your real estate investments
  3. Challenges of the syndication business, and how to overcome them


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