WS163: How I Transitioned from Fix and Flip to Real Estate Syndication with Steven Libman

How I Transitioned from Fix and Flip to Real Estate Syndication

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Steven Libman, Managing Partner, Integrity Capital Group shares some expert tips that will help inexperienced investors launch their real estate own syndication business.

This show starts off with Steve sharing some interesting details about his fix and flip business. How does Steve manage to flip 200 properties every year? And why did Steven start syndicating properties in spite of owning a successful fix-and-flip business? We reveal the various advantage of real estate syndication over the fix and flip business.

Next, we discuss various strategies for raising capital in real estate syndication. We also share how you can educate investors about the benefits of real estate syndication. Steven also gives us a peek into his innovative and win-win deal structure.

Tune in for some excellent insights!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Steve to listeners
  • 01:09 – Steve reveals that he is still active in the single-family, fix and flip
  • 01:40 – Why did Steve venture into syndication in spite of having a successful fix and flip business?
  • 02:54 – Steve shares some interesting details about his first syndication – an 1193-unit, self-storage facility
  • 03:39 – Systems and Processes that have allowed Steve to scale up his fix and flip business
  • 04:35 – What kind of multifamily deals does Steve prefer to invest in?
  • 05:53 – Multiple benefits of investing in real estate syndication
  • 07:23 – Can you raise capital in real estate syndication without a track record?
  • 08:15 – Which deals has Steve syndicated in the last six months?
  • 08:53 – Can bringing in capital allow you to learn the ropes of the syndication business?
  • 10:38 – How is raising capital for a single family different from multifamily?
  • 13:31 – How to educate prospective investors while raising capital in real estate syndication
  • 15:05 – Steve shares how he structures a syndication deal
  • 17:40 – Are Steve’s investors comfortable with his innovative deal structure?
  • 19:16 – How can you find a deal sponsor to partner with?
  • 20:35 – Can you leverage the power of social media for raising capital?
  • 22:33 – How do Steve and his partners divide work responsibilities?
  • 23:03 – What is the most challenging aspect of the syndication business for Steve?
  • 24:24 – What are some ways through which Steve is improving his business?
  • 24:48 – What is the number one thing that has contributed to Steve’s success?
  • 25:15 – What are some developments that Steve is most excited about?
  • 25:47 – Steve shares some of his current business needs with listeners
  • 26:33 – How does Steve give back to society?
  • 27:40 – Steven shares his contact information
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In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Advantages of multifamily syndication over single-family fix and flip
  2. How raising capital allows you to learn the ropes of the syndication business
  3. Innovative deal structures in real estate syndication


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