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WS899: How We Closed Over $100M Deals Amid A Pandemic

How do you start your day? Did you know that how you begin your mornings is a factor that can contribute to your success? In a series of videos, Whitney Sewell talks about things that helped him closed deals of almost $100 million last year even amid a pandemic.

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In part one of this series, Whitney shares how getting up early and structuring your day can lead to achieving your goals and more. He also talks about taking risks and how this can result in greater rewards.

Key Points From This Episode:   

  • Whitney talks about the importance of how you start your morning and structuring your day, so you can get things done and achieve your goals.
  • Why educating yourself through reading helps you to be better.
  • Whitney shares the secret of successful businessmen and entrepreneurs.
  • Whitney discusses how taking risks helped them closed almost $100 million deals last year.
  • Whitney shares experience on taking risks and how it led to greater rewards.

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“Are you taking charge of your morning? Or are you in charge of your day? Or did your day push you around? So, you either maximize your time and you take control of your time, or everything else in your life will take control of you. So, that is a big thing.” 

“I encourage you to be up and structure your day. Know what’s coming up, right? When I think about those time limits in the morning, it helps me keep moving forward.”

“We had to take that risk. And I just encourage you (because) it’s never gonna be easier to take that risk. And so, think about what’s holding you back today and what’s keeping you from your business or committing your business to the next level?”

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Miracle Morning

About Whitney Sewell

Founder of Life Bridge Capital LLC, Whitney Sewell began his real estate investing career in 2009. Whitney’s passion is working with investors, helping them secure financial security via the exceptional opportunities that multifamily syndication offers. Whitney hosts the Real Estate Syndication Show, a daily podcast where he has now interviewed over 600 experts providing cutting-edge tools and strategies for the syndication business. Whitney and his wife, Chelsea, are on a mission to help other families through the process of adoption. They have personally endured the financial burdens that the process puts on families and have committed 50% of their profits to this goal. Whitney and Chelsea have three children by adoption.

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Welcome to The Real Estate syndication show. Whether you are a seasoned investor, or building a new real estate business, this is the show for you, Whitney Sewell talks to top experts in the business. Our goal is to help you master real estate syndication.

 And now your host, Whitney Sewell.


[00:23] Whitney Sewell

You know, I’ve received a bunch of questions lately about how we were able to close on 100 million in real estate last year. And just thought I would share a tip this morning is iron out early. And I just want you to see this. The video just does not do it justice, but some amazing sunrise this morning. It’s amazing. The Lord just allows us even see that and see just how amazing he is. But one thing that has allowed us to close on over 100 million is just seeing things like this, like this amazing sunrise went on to say, Daniel, and I wanted to share with you when our business started to turn around. It was really when I made a decision to change the way I structured my entire day. But it started with just my morning. And a big thing about what has helped us and helped me personally is being up early. And it seems so simple. But I just asked you like are you in charge of your day? Are you in charge of your time, I had to take control of our time and being up early was something that revolutionized everything, the way we do things, or the way I do things, the way I’m educating myself the way I’m thinking, the way I get my day started just getting in front of the day, instead of being behind the day, the entire day, it makes such a big difference in you know, do you have enough self-control to get out of the bath? It’s difficult. I know I struggle just as much as anyone. But you have to make a way to make it happen. BBN had the I’ll put a light on a timer even and so a light comes on. And that’s helped me I just encourage you to think about are you getting up? Are you getting up and getting in front of the day where your mind has time to you have time to just structure your morning, think through some things. Something that’s also helped me recently is thinking even planning out the details of the morning and just know that it doesn’t have to be exactly that way. But it just allows your mind to think through the things in the morning that you have to get done. It allowed me to say okay, from this time to this time, I mean, I’ve even fixed in coffee, or this time to this time I’m reading and praying and this time, this time I’m reading something else, or educating myself. And then from this time to this time I’m exercising, and then Okay, by this time I have to be in the shower, by this time I have to be in the office, that has helped me tremendously to be able to move our business forward and being up early, right, especially if you have kids, like we do, you have to be up early, be ahead of them, right. And then there’s also some rules that they have to follow in the morning. So we have a structure morning. So also my wife and the kids have a productive morning. Also, while I’m already in the office, and I just asked you, are you taking charge of your morning? Are you in charge of your day? Or did your day push you around. So you either maximize your time and you take control of your time, or everything else in your life will take control of you. And so that was a big thing. One place that started for me was a Miracle Morning. I read that book a few years back. And that really changed the way I think about my morning, I wouldn’t say I go along with everything that that book says about your morning. But it’s very important. It just helped me to start thinking that way. And to changing my morning the changing the way that I do things and educate myself consistently. It’s over that long period of time, where you’re educating, you’re doing these things very consistently over a long period of time, that make the biggest changes, everybody waits for that one big thing, right, that change that they expect to make a millions. But it’s that consistent change over a very long period of time, in a big way you can start that is getting in front of your day, getting up early, getting out of bed, you have to be willing to do what everyone else is not willing to do. If it was easy, everyone would do it. And there definitely was not easy closing on over 100 million last year in real estate or getting to that point as quick as we did. But one thing that led to that is getting up early in structuring that morning and making things happen and being very consistent without it helps my entire family, then I would say to my wife and I have not always been early morning people but we definitely are now and that is our favorite time of the day. It’s our favorite time of the day is to be up and it’s time for us to spend time together and talk and both of us just think through our day. But having that structured morning has helped me tremendously just out exercising this morning. And what’s helped me even more recently is thinking through exactly how I structure my morning so I may have I even have a light that’s on a timer that comes on in our bedroom, because we love our morning so much. And so there’s a time where it turns the light on and helps me wake me up and says like, Oh, it’s time to get up and I know if I don’t that I’m going to get behind on my schedule so it pushes me to get up in the morning. I encourage you to be up early in structure your day.  You know what coming up, right? When I think about those time limits, or those times in the morning, it helps me to keep moving forward. But I’ve interviewed over 900 people in this business over 900 interviews in the last two and a half years. And it’s so common that people that are successful as entrepreneurs or business men, women, they’re up early. Another thing that led to closing on over 100 million last year, is the ability to take risk, and the mindset to take risk. And so I had to be open to taking risk. And I want to share part of that story. There’s many aspects to risk and things you think, especially if you’re a passive investor, of course, every deal we’ve done has a level of risk that you have to assure that you’re prepared for okay with, you know, all those things. But that’s not the type of risk I’m talking about this morning. When we got started, you know, there was a time where I was actually had another business going, and I was training horses professionally, I still had some real estate rentals and real estate, most people don’t know that in the real estate business. But I’ve loved riding horses since I was a young boy. And it was doing very well with that. But that became a second full time job, you may have heard that, you know, at a podcast or someplace have spoken. But most of you probably don’t know that. But when we started in commercial real estate business, when we started syndicating, we had a farm and I shared this and I’m happy to share more about this, as you hear this, and you want to hear more about us selling our farm to make the business happen, put farm or something in the comments. So I can see that that would help you in some way. But this level of risk and sacrifice that my family my wife and I Chelsea and I had to take to make it happen to be able to lead to closing over 100 million in real estate last year. And so we had the farm we had always dreamed up. And so we had a great place. But we decided I the Lord just gave us both peace about selling that farm. And we sold everything related to the horse training business. And we still had a few rentals, but knew that that was never going to be passive, right. And I was always going to be somewhat distracted by that. And so to cut that off completely, and commit to the syndication business, commercial real estate, we sold the farm. And that was such a hard day for us. It was such a hard day for our family. But we knew that it was now or never. And so we decided to move forward with that it’s sold very fast. The Lord definitely just brought us through all that. And now, you know, a few years later, we have a much better farm. And I’d say it’s a took that sacrifice. It was some very hard times for our family, my wife did everything in the home for a few years while I’m working like two full time jobs and my children sacrificed as well. And there was always that risk and thinking, you know, what, if this doesn’t work out, I’m missing all this time with the kids, you know, and with my wife, just on and on, there’s so much risk there. But we knew that we had to keep going. And we knew that the reward would be much greater if we just kept going. We never and we didn’t give up. And now we have a much better farm. But we could not have done that if we had stayed there. And also if we had listened to so many other people around us who are not pushing themselves, right. And so I encourage you to think about who you are hanging around, you know, who are you accepting advice from? Because there’s many voices at that time thought we were crazy, right? Crazy for selling our farm selling your house. And we moved in a small house in town. You know, I just built an office in a basement. And I practically lived in that office for a few years. But it made it happen. And it made me just commit to the syndication business. But we had to take that risk. And I just encourage you, it’s never going to get easier to take that risk. And so think about what’s holding you back today. And what’s keeping you from committing to your business or committing to taking your business to the next level. For us. It was just burning that bridge and cutting that off for a time. It wasn’t forever. But it was for a time and it was very difficult for us. But I just asked you to think about those things. Think about, you know, who are you seeking advice from? You know, are you looking to people who are who are ahead of you who have been there who can encourage you and your business and moving forward and taking those sacrifices so have a blessed day. You can always reach out to me at life bridge Capital calm and I look forward to hearing from you soon.





Thank you for listening to the real estate syndication show. Brought to you by life bridge capital. Life bridge capital works with investors nationwide to invest in real estate while also donating 50% of its profits to assist parents who are committing to adoption life bridge capital, making a difference one investor and one child at a time. Connect online at for free material and videos to further your success.



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