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WS922: How To Construct Your Life with Austin Linney

Being a new entrepreneur can be challenging especially when you face the first downturns in your business. Just like in life, you need to be prepared to have ups and downs, wins and losses. In this episode, we talk about constructing your life to achieve success with entrepreneur and mindset and business coach Austin Linney.

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Austin talks about the importance of understanding that there is a process we need to fall in love with of who we are becoming. Austin also emphasizes having a focus so you can do well in your life and business. He adds, it is important to surround yourself with the right people, those who will praise you when you do things right and at the same time give you constructive criticism when you need it. Click the play button now and learn how you can be a successful entrepreneur by constructing your life!

Key Points From This Episode:   

  • Austin talks about his journey and his focus on the real estate market.
  • Austin shares advice on new entrepreneurs. 
  • How can new entrepreneurs create a list of importance?
  • Austin talks about how time off can allow you to move forward.
  • Why should you surround yourself with the right people?
  • Austin talks about why keeping your mouth shut and executing things would do you good in life.
  • The daily habits that helped Austin achieve success in life.
  • The number one thing that contributed to Austin’s success in life.
  • How does Austin like to give back?

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“I look at the people that I help and what we’re searching for is understanding that the ultimate transaction or the money that you’re creating within an entrepreneurship or investing is not the end goal.” [0:08:31]

 “We as humans, we’re an iPhone that has 900 apps open. And we’ve got about nine loops that we have enclosed, so if you can have that day where you can close loops, then you can remove bandwidth within your head that allows you to move forward.” [0:14:10]

 “I’m gonna go to work on that and I’m gonna get better. Because every day, my mantra is 1% every day, that’s all you can do.” [0:17:18]

 “It’s my wish for every entrepreneur and every young hustler out there, keep your mouth shut. Go execute because if you don’t execute and you’re out there talking a bunch and people don’t see results, they’re gonna write you off.” [0:17:45]

 “Stop living out of the scoreboard and start living for yourself.” [0:22:47]

 “Ultimately, I don’t need to look up to anybody because everything that they have, I have it inside of me.”[0:25:54]

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Construct Your Life Podcast

About Austin Linney

Austin Linney is a former service industry veteran of 20+ years, turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, mindset and business coach. He is the host of the weekly podcast, Construct Your Life With Austin Linney. When he’s not building businesses, growing his expansive network of who’s who in the leading industries, providing massive value each week with his podcast, or helping his coaching clients achieve a breakthrough, he can be found training for and competing in Ironman Triathlons across the country. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, wanting to start a business, wanting to improve your mindset through coaching or you just want to have a heart-to-heart conversation of how to overcome the odds, Austin can help you get where you want to go.

Full Transcript



0:00:00.0 ANNOUNCER Welcome to the Real Estate Syndication Show. Whether you are a seasoned investor or building a new real estate business, this is the show for you. Whitney Sewell talks to top experts in the business. Our goal is to help you master real estate syndication.

And now your host, Whitney Sewell.


0:00:24.4 Whitney Sewell: This is your daily Real Estate Syndication Show. I’m your host, Whitney Sewell. Today, our guest is Austin Linney. Thanks for being on the show, Austin.

0:00:32.2 Austin Linney: I appreciate it, thank you so much, sir.

0:00:34.0 WS: Yeah, honored to have you on the show. He was reminding me that we met it… It’s been over a year ago now. Since two years ago, I guess now since. No, it was 2020.

0:00:42.9 AL: Yeah. It was 2020 and is probably the last live event that went down…

0:00:47.0 WS: It probably was. Yeah, that’s right. It was in February, so just over a year ago. So, I’m glad we were able to meet and honored to have you on the show now. Austin is a former service industry veteran of 20 plus years, turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, mindset and business coach. He’s the host of a weekly podcast, Construct Your Life with Austin Linney. When he’s not building businesses, growing his expansive network, and who’s who in the leading industries providing massive value each week with his podcast or helping his coaching clients achieve a breakthrough.

So Linney, welcome to the show, the experiences that you’ve had and things you’ve pushed through, it’s incredible now. And it was just a little bit that I know about it, that now you’re able to help so many others do the same thing, and I look forward to just having that conversation a little bit. Why don’t you give us a little back story ’cause… about yourself and what you’re doing now, what your focus is or… And I think that will help the listeners.

0:01:40.5 AL: For sure. I grew up in Houston, Texas, I’d probably say it wrong, ’cause I’m from Texas and enterprise, that’s not how you say it, but grew up… My dad was his own entrepreneur. My dad was a dentist. He’s probably one of the more known dentists in Texas, and now that I’m saying that out loud, I’ve never brought that part of my story up. He kinda taught me the ropes and, “Hey take a chance on yourself.” And he actually just sold his practice like a month ago for the first time. 40 years.

So kind of watched him grow up, and when I was 17, I was the problem in school and just didn’t… school didn’t do anything for me. I have a photographic memory, so I would just memorize stuff and just get an A. And then as school gets harder and harder, it got worse and worse, and I couldn’t do that. And I was a troublemaker, nothing crazy, but just talking a lot and not really interested in.. My parents said, it’s either military school, we need to make a change, and so they sent me down on my 17th birthday and said, “You need to pick a choice, either moved to Fannett, Texas or go to military school.”

And so, Fannett, Texas is where my mom was from… And it’s a… I went from 4100 kids in my class to 98, and it was out in the country. It took three little towns to make up this school, and I went to school the first day and they had boats and behind their trucks, and they were wearing camo, and I was like, “Where am I? I don’t even understand what’s going on.

0:03:08.2 WS: Sounds like where I grew up actually.

0:03:12.0 AL: I grew up on a golf course and I was like next to NBA players, and I was like, I don’t know what this is. And so you can imagine somebody that’s about to go into college – the social shift. It was very hard for me because I was no longer accepted. I was an outsider to the T. And they were not happy about it, and especially when the women liked the out-of towner and some boyfriends are not happy about the attention I’m getting, they were trying to fight me. 

So that first six months was not cool for me, and then about three months into that, my parents sent me down and said we’re getting a divorce, and I was so shocked because they didn’t fight, and I was like…So then I blame myself for my parents divorce, my troubles where I created the story… Right, the story. And so, I got into the restaurant business. And in the restaurant business, if you know it, back in that time, drugs and alcohol were very prevalent and kinda got introduced to that scene and found solace in doing drugs. And it was many years of personal turmoil and just kind of lying to myself and my parents, and you get to a place where there’s so much shame associated with it that it’s…

You don’t even wanna talk to people. And kind of my breaking point was I stayed up for like eight days straight, and I lost 25 pounds and the next girlfriend saw me and she was like, “Dude, this is not good. You haven’t eaten. Like I’m seeing rabbits, I thought were rabbits, but they weren’t there. And I packed up all my stuff and I got in the car and I drove out of that town. And I didn’t look back for about a year, and wound up getting a way in breaking the cycle of the hard drugs, and that for me was a big…

It was a big move because they had a grip on me whether or not I wanted to realize it in the moment or not. And it wasn’t all roses from there, but I thought that was kind of one of the first turning points of making the decision that that was not the path I was gonna go down because I was born for greater things…

0:05:13.6 WS: Wow, and keep going, ’cause it’s amazing where you’re at now from this but go ahead…

0:05:18.4 AL: Long story short, I was… so put down the long, the hard alcohol, but continue to drink, and I wind up wrecking my car in somebody’s yard and running over their mailbox. It was a comedy of events and just a bad situation on so many fronts. Really a low point for me. And I had a friend come and pick me up and I got out, I got a ticket, but it wasn’t that crazy, so I kinda packed up my stuff and moved back to Pomona, I was at my house for three weeks and I was still partying after that.

And my mom, I came home one day and my mom said, “Okay, it’s not a hotel. I don’t know what you’re doing, but this doesn’t work for me.” And so at the same time, my father cut off everything he paid… So car insurance and everything. So, I had a bag of clothes. No job, no car, and no where to live, and so I was a 21-year-old baby. I was crying a little baby because everything had been cut out for me, and my friend let me cry for 45 minutes and he said…

He said, alright, dude, enough is enough. Get your shit together. We’re gonna figure this out. You’re not alone in this, right? ‘Cause that’s what you feel when you feel like you’re alone. And so he drove me to my friend’s house and he said, listen, it’s not much, but I get your job laying tile. So laying tile and brick and the guy is gonna pick you up at 5 AM, he’s gonna drop you off at 6 o’clock at night? And you need to figure it out from there.

Well, where am I gonna live? And so my buddy says, “Well, I don’t have much, but I’ve got the downstairs…” This is not a joke, I’m not like… Framing is out as a joke, the downstairs of a closet… You know, that closet, underneath your stairs. I slept on a single mattress and had a fan in a bag of clothes, and I slept in that closet for three months, and I worked by 80 hours a week and laid brick and tile in the summer in Texas and lived off about 40 a month in food off of ham sandwiches and Ramen noodles, and I saved up enough money to buy my grandmother’s Explorer, and then I got my bartending job back, so…

0:07:17.3 WS: Wow, that’s some determination right there. There’s so many steps there that were like, you just got out of that town, you know, you change things up, and then also you had this friend you talked about, you just broke down, he listen to you, but then he was like, okay, let’s get our stuff together here, just like you never know when you’re gonna be in your shoes or when you’re gonna meet your friends shoes, when you can encourage that and to encourage that other person and really help them to pull their stuff together at a crucial moment or when you’re gonna have that friend that’s gonna do that for you.

But moving forward from there, now you are, you’re helping so many other entrepreneurs and people that need that push as well. And so let’s fast forward a little bit. And let’s, speak to the entrepreneur that’s listening right now, or maybe that new entree that’s like, man, I just… I’m struggling to keep this all together, or I can’t see where I’m going, or I just… Is this really gonna work? All those things that we all struggle with when we first begin in a business or thinking, we’re gonna be an entrepreneur, maybe you can give us some examples of some people you’re helping and let’s help the listener as well.

0:08:20.5 AL: Yeah, I say… First thing I say to them is, welcome, come, come join the party. It’s not gonna be easy. It’s gonna be fun, but I look at the people that I help, and what we’re searching for is understanding that the ultimate transaction or the money that you’re creating within the entrepreneurship or investing is not the end goal. The end goal is for you to get to the end goal and not have so much carnage in your life that your family hates your guts, right.

And understanding that there is a process that we go need to fall in love with of who we’re becoming, that is the ultimate epiphany in the entire situation, and how you do that, how I’ve done that personally. Being sober for two years plus now is I created a thing that I took from Andy for sale where I win the day, and so for me, it’s five things I do every day that is ultimately not a goal, these are habits, and I live and breathe off of those bad boys.

And for me, that’s reading 10 pages a day, 45 minutes a morning in the morning, I walk and listen to a book, and I do some sort of weight lifting, and then I sit and I listen to one YouTube thing, and that’s kind of my morning and what I call that for everybody, is you have to put on your own personal armor before you head out into the world, and I think we can be overwhelmed a lot by so many things to do, but ultimately the do list is never gonna go away, so what I’ve done with my clients that created a list of importance and you work off your list of importance instead of your to-do list.

0:10:00.7 WS: Okay, that’s incredible. So create a list of importance and just create this must to do list. Help us to think through that a little bit, how do we… Because it’s like, especially when you first started, you don’t have a team yet, right. You’re thinking all these things have to get done, and I have to do them all myself, and I was there, and now we have an amazing team, and I’m just like, I’m thankful now. I’m trying to train my team like, okay, I just have all these ideas, right, and I just want you to go take care… I put these things into place, but it’s not that way in the beginning, you have these ideas, or are these things I have to get done? How do we create that list of importance?

0:10:31.3 AL: So ultimately, the things I learned from losing money in business, which is very… They’re quicker learners is that you deem everything we as human beings, deem that everything is necessary, but ultimately it’s not like you don’t need a YouTube channel, you don’t need marketing, you don’t have anything, the idea needs to season enough where the business dictates the scaling of those operations, and so ultimately, I ask myself and every one of my clients on Sunday night or the night before you head into the next day, What’s an actual tangible thing that you can get done that’s important that’s gonna move the needle for?

And here’s the deal, if that’s meeting five people that you need to network in to talk about syndication or Airbnb, then that’s the most important thing to do, and understand that you have to create space in your calendar in order for you to have creativity time to even vision up these things. If you just have this reputation of meetings on meetings, you don’t even have any time, you’re working in your business, not on your business.

And what we try to tell everybody is, if you’re creating a million dollar business, then start with the end in mind and work backwards, and so I like to live my life in 90 day chunks, and I kind of reassessing over and over again and understanding that I’ve had to teach myself like perfect example, I’ve got my coaching business, the podcast, we’re writing the book right now, and I have two businesses that I… Like to a normal person, like, holy crap.

But like ultimately, I don’t work on everything at the exact same time, and you know what, God bless Triple A Adams, I swear to God, He changed my entire life a year ago when he said… He looked at my schedule and said, dude your calendar is terrible, stop. And so what I’ve learned to do is I do all my coaching on Monday, and I do all the podcasts on Wednesday, and then I work on one business on Tuesday, and I work on business on Thursday, and then Friday is wild card day.

And what it does is it trains your mind to work on the same task, so I do 10 to 11 coaching calls on Monday, but it’s cool because I’m in the coaching space the whole day, I’m not going coaching podcast Airbnb, and it’s changed my entire life by keeping it the mind straight.

0:12:48.7 WS: I think that makes so much sense. I’m living in that for a long time, and most people that have listened to the show now, there were days where I was recording 15 shows in a day for a long, long time, it’s just that, but being in that mode, I call them marathon days, right. Just knocking those out, but I got to a point where it’s like my entire week would be full of all this inbound meetings, I mean team meetings, podcast interviews, investor calls, we did just fill the entire week.

And so I actually have an all-day meeting that got cancelled the night before and… But that meant… That whole day was blocked off, right, there was no inbound meetings, that was such a productive day, like it changed my whole thought process moving forward… Right, and so that made me think… push to say, okay, how can I free up this time every week so I can just have that time to work on the business and not in the business? Exactly what you’re talking about.

0:13:42.0 AL: You’re married, correct?

0:13:43.0 WS: Yes, happily.

0:13:45.0 AL: So, of course. But sometimes a marriage… Think about this, in a man’s point of view, same with entrepreneurship. Well, what I describe marriage sometimes is there’s a train going 200 miles an hour down the tracks and the man is behind the train hanging on to the rails like this… Right, and that’s the same thing in entrepreneurship. Right, and so if you don’t have that day to clean up some of the stuff, the open-ended stuff, I treat everybody is this, You know what? We are as humans, we’re an iPhone that has 900 apps open, and we’ve got about nine loops that we have enclosed, so if you can have that day where you can close loops, then you can remove bandwidth within your head that allows you to move forward.

0:14:25.3 WS: I like that analogy of the iPhone. We’re an iPhone that has 900 apps open. That’s so true, especially as an entrepreneur as you know, just your mind’s just here, here, here, here, everywhere, and instead of like you’re talking about being just focused today, I am in this space tomorrow, hey, I can focus on all these things. And even the day before, even if you think of something else that like you know the… For a different business, you know that you’re gonna have time to work on that, right, so it’s a little less stress knowing that you have arranged that time… Is that accurate for you?

0:14:53.0 AL: 100%. And what I’ve done, I just put it into my routine probably like a month ago, I met this guy who does body work, like massage, like energy pushing for … here in Austin, and he does work on me, and for me, it’s 90 minutes a week where we’re listening to that beta music and he’s working on me, ’cause I train a lot, and I’m literally downloading my entire week, and it feels like an entire mind and body reset.

It literally feels like I can’t even describe what it’s done for me, because what people don’t talk about is when you’re a coach for people and you’re in their space and you’re helping them, it takes so much energy to be in somebody else’s life, especially a lot of my clients are former drug addicts, and there’s a lot of emotion, a tie to it, and I don’t realize how much emotion was put on me, and so as my buddy said, a great quote, healers need healers. And so I have to make sure that I pour into myself just as much as I’m pouring into my clients.

0:15:56.7 WS: Nice. Yeah, tell me about surrounding yourself with the right people now and how that the listeners should be doing the same.

0:16:02.9 AL: All my mentors are in abundance. If you’ve ever heard of that, have you heard of that?

0:16:07.0 WS: Yeah.

0:16:09.0 AL: And so what I realized when I was getting sober is that your view of yourself is not as great as other people see you, and so being able to surround myself or people that are amazing that are seeing traits in me, and my friends had a great quote, sometimes you have to borrow the belief and somebody else long enough till you believe it in yourself in… And I borrowed the belief that they saw in me of things that I could do, and here’s the bigger thing, is they have… there, you go. Yeah, I read it in one day. That’s all my dudes, I… That’s all my dudes. Yeah.

0:16:45.2 WS: I’m holding up the book try, have a millionaire.

0:16:47.4 S2: Try the millionares and Tim Road is my favorite human on the planet, and they also have no problem telling you where you mess up too, and I never had anybody in my life that would call me and say, hey, that’s not a good man, and so now here’s the kicker. If you as an entrepreneur or CEO are not self-aware enough to take it as feedback and not negative, that’s where the rub kits… And you have to say, Okay, I’m gonna go to work on that and I’m gonna get better because every day, my mantra is 1% every day, that’s all you can do.

0:17:23.0 WS: Yeah. No, they’re really loving you, caring about you by providing that feed… Negative feedback, so it’s positive really, it’s helping you to see some shortcomings that you can improve on, that it’s just hard to hear… Right.

0:17:34.3 AL: Well. And they’re ultimately, here’s the bigger issue, and this is, thank God I’m getting older now and I’m trying… I’m working on this, but I definitely was a talker instead of a show me guy, if my wish for every entrepreneur and every young hustler out there, keep your mouth shut, go execute, because if you don’t execute and you’re out there talking a bunch and people don’t see results, they’re gonna write you off. And so make sure that you execute and let your results through the talking… Not your mouth.

0:18:05.5 WS: I love that. Love that. Yeah, so how do we start to do that? They’re alone is something I try to teach my boys. Right, but it’s hard. Any thoughts on or somebody you worked with that’s just really struggling with that…

0:18:17.4 S2: Well, one of the rules… ’cause I have ideas all the time. One of the rules I had to learn, and if everybody’s learning from my mistakes, is that I would no longer move forward unless there’s an operating agreement in place in a partnership. I think there’s a lot of people out there that talk a lot. Hey, let’s do a deal together, let’s do a business together, and then you’re talking to… ’cause you’re excited about it. I get excited, I’m very excitable guy.

And ultimately, it doesn’t come to fruition, and you do that too many times, and people are gonna think you’re the idea guy instead of the execution guy, and so I’m keeping everything really close to the vest now and just saying, Yeah, we’re working on something, I’ll tell you when it’s time. And there’s a difference between testing the audience and showing your cards before they’re dealt, and so I had a marketing guy, ’cause we’re working on all my branding and marketing and my website, everything.

And he said, marketing is as simple as this. All you do is highlight your results, that’s it, and my results are my coaching clients and my coaching clients have lost weight, they double with their business, they’re happier in a relationship with their wife, they left their job, they’re traveling, these are results. Not what I think I can do for them, it’s what I’ve actually done for them, and something that we’ve done as any time you get a text message or review on the podcast or a screenshot or anything that they send you positive as an actual result…

I keep that in a Dropbox file to highlight on my social media later, because those are actual feelings, true feelings that somebody is sharing with you instead of me making up some coffee…

0:19:57.1 WS: Yeah, no, that’s good stuff right there. No doubt about it. Marketing is sharing the results, that’s just putting it very simple, but… So to the point.

0:20:05.0 AL: Yeah, I think that’s the key is that we complicate everything and it’s really like, what’s the simplest thing? And this is my new question that I’m asking everybody, what do you do? Everybody chases passion and purpose, right? But what do you do that gives you energy? And go do that, simple as that, because with more energy is gonna be that, you’re gonna be up for it, you’re gonna be excited. And so stop saying, this is my passion, this is my purpose, like what do you do that gives you energy and just go do more of that.

Like you wouldn’t continue to do almost a thousand episodes on the podcast if you didn’t give you energy, and it does. And you enjoy the conversation, so that’s why you continue to do it. It does the output, the results, I’m sure you could talk about a million times, the ultimate… This is for you, right?

0:20:50.7 WS: It does, it does, it gives me a lot of energy. I enjoyed meeting people just like yourself and helping the listeners all at the same time, it’s really a great avenue.

0:20:58.0 AL: No, for sure, I love it.

0:20:59.7 WS: Well, also, tell me… You know, habits are really big for you, and you talked about… You laid out some of those morning things, and I could relate to that 100% laying out my morning and some of that routine, those things that I wish to get done every morning, it just helps me to jump start my day, really get ahead of the day, instead of being behind all day, any other habits that you are disciplined about that have either helped you or you know other people… Clients, things that have helped them.

0:21:24.6 AL: I am an intentional networker, so a lot of people network… I’m an intentional networker, and what I mean by that is, I don’t mean to say this to boast, but I guarantee you that I would stack my network up against anybody’s because I’ve made a conscious decision to be involved and understand the needs of a Whitney Sewell. Meaning like Whitney, what type of properties are you looking for? What type of asset class are you looking for? And what do you invest in?

And then I go, Okay, so if I ever hear of anything, I don’t search for 15 buyers, I just go to you. And so it saves me time, and it says Me of understanding that I’m providing value at every turn… Because that’s what it’s all about, right? It’s like how much value or you’re putting out in the world and then you’re gonna get back 20-fold, and so I’m playing this legacy game, this long-term plan, and that’s where I’m at. And so what I ask my guys to do is let’s stop living in the scoreboard, ’cause the scoreboard’s for somebody else.

All my clients, they got their goals for me, you know they’re so excited when they get started and they put their goals out and I just throw them away and like, it doesn’t matter, because we don’t even know that that’s truly your goals, they might be for your dad, they might be for somebody else’s. Stop living out of the scoreboard and start living for yourself, and what is your lifestyle look like that you wanna create?

I live my life off a lifestyle, not goals, and so my lifestyle is, I wanna be a healthy person, my lifestyle is… I wanna be a happy person. My lifestyle is, I wanna give value, so if that’s my lifestyle, then that’s an infinite sum game that can be controlled. Now, I’m trying to get better at being more metric-centric in my business just to track things, but ultimately that’s the overall thing that I look for, and so I’m not… My joke with everybody is we’re not a PE class, it doesn’t matter how much you squat anymore.

Like, are you moving your body? Do you take care of yourself? Is this something that’s important to you? Because I believe health is a foundational pillar to how your mind works, and so stop worrying about how many miles you’re running, stop worried about how many weight you’re lifting, and just go out and do stuff, and then start putting metrics in your business after you create the action.

0:23:46.2 WS: Very smart… Very smart thinking that through in that way, it’s interesting, it… People have all these goals and then you’re just like, wait a minute, that mean not, not where we should be focusing right now,

0:23:55.2 AL:  No. Dude, when I got started in Airbnb, I’m like, I’m gonna have 200 units, and then I got to 35 and I was like, I’m not gonna do that anymore. I don’t wanna do that. It’s not fun. It doesn’t match how I want my life to live. So you know what I tell everybody, entrepreneurship is standing out on the end of a branch and getting to the end of the branch and then looking around and going, Why the hell am I here?

0:24:18.0 WS: You made it.

0:24:19.7 AL: Yeah, you made it. But am I here for myself? Right? And so what a lot of what we do is counter-intuitive as it sounds… A lot of what we do is break you down to zero and they build you back up…

0:24:30.0 WS: It sounds like boot camp all over again, right?

0:24:32.0 AL: Yeah, exactly.

0:24:32.8 WS: Good stuff. Good stuff. Austin, what’s the number one thing that’s contributed to your success?

0:24:37.2 AL: Being around people that push the boundaries of my own dreams, like being around guys where you’re uncomfortable. You’re like, man, should I even be in this room? And then you wake up and realize that you are in this room. And they want you in that room. But I’ll tell you a quick story. Changed my entire life. Changed my entire trajectory. And one of my mentors, his name is Matt Atkinson, Mattie A, he is one of the best humans I’ve ever met in my entire life.

He’s a father, he’s an entrepreneur, he was a millionaire in his early 20s, and I was talked to… Do on Instagram? This was like two and a half, three years ago, and I was like, Listen, I wanna meet you. What I gotta do? He lives in Sacramento, I live in Austin. And he says, well, I got 15 minutes. I said, fine, I booked a plane ticket, and I flew across the country. I met him at 7:45 in the morning, I barely slept. I went into that coffee meeting and we were there for 15 minutes. In the first two minutes, he looked at me dead in the face.

And this is something that you put up on a pedestal. And he said, I’m no different than you. You have everything that I have. I just got started earlier around better mentors, and that meeting went from 15 minutes to an hour and a half, and I built out of his things for his Airbnb and he’s mentored me and now we’re good friends, but it made me realize that ultimately I don’t need to look up to anybody, because everything that they have, I have it with inside of me.

0:26:00.2 WS: Love that. Yeah, he helped you to see that you’ve got it too, so I guess he could tell that obviously, just coming there like that for it for a 15-minute meeting, you put him up on this big pedestal else you wouldn’t have done it.

0:26:11.7 AL: Right, exactly.

0:26:14.3 WS: No, that’s awesome. And tell us how you like to give back.

0:26:17.1 AL: So one of the things… You got the book down there, one of the things I’m beyond happy about, and we’re actually running through a first group. So Tim Road runs a charity called One Life Fully Lived. It’s very near and dear to my heart. It’s amazing. We actually started a recovery mastermind, so anybody that’s been through rehab or drug addiction or alcoholism that wants to thrive, not just survive.

And so we just have our first group that’s about to graduate, six people, and they are crushing life and they are in new businesses, new jobs, and it’s all for free, we give our time for free for a small donation and seeing them… I just met with all of them on Monday, one-on-one gave my time and I can’t think of anything better, but also one of my passions is teaching kids financial literacy, and I bought all my best friends, kids Rich Dad, Poor Dad, the kids version for Christmas and I said, through all your other gifts away.

That’s the only thing that matters, and we’re just gonna create the space where we can teach people how money works, and how investing works, and kids in middle school and high school, and so that’s my true passion moving forward, the last part of my years, I’m probably gonna be only doing that, so…

0:27:29.4 WS: Awesome, it’s a pleasure to meet you again, I know we’ve met a year ago at the conference, but just a pleasure to catch up again and hear your amazing journey story and how you’re using that and just your passion behind that to help so many others and giving back in that way, it’s an amazing group that you’ve started there and helping all those people that can just relate to you for sure, and just see and probably just be really energized by meeting you and seeing what you’ve accomplished.

And so… Thank you for that, thank you for giving back to us today and all the entrepreneurs that are listening, tell them how they can get in touch with you and learn more about you.

0:28:03.1 AL: And I do that. Just a second, I wanna tell you, I just wanna tell you from an outside point of view and give you a little praise… So in the podcasting space, you are talked about in high regard, and Adam Car as well, who worked for Hunter Thompson is a buddy of mine, we’re writing the book together. He said, I was like, I started a second podcast with Anthony Vazzano, all about Psychology of Success to everything, and I was like, How many episodes should we do and how many…

And he actually referenced you and said, If I had to do it over again, I would do like 15 a week, and so, you know, so you are the standard in the podcast team world, so I just wanted to thank you for that, but

0:28:39.0 WS: I appreciate those kind words,

0:28:41.0 AL: Yeah. And so how you can find me is on Instagram, Facebook, Austin Linney, I’d love to talk to people. Shoot me a DM, but the podcast that we have is called Construct Your Life, it’s how to build a lifestyle, not a bank account.



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