WS1009: How To Become an Unstoppable Entrepreneur With Mike Ciorrocco

Every entrepreneur aims for success. And to be successful, you have to have the right mindset to run your business. For example, in running a real estate business for the first time, you can expect some hurdles and struggles along the way. But, it is always possible to overcome those and succeed.

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In this episode, we speak to performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader, Mike Ciorrocco. Mike shares how you can be an unstoppable entrepreneur by having a never-give-up mentality. Mike also emphasizes the importance of having imagination and being obsessed to succeed. Mike shares we cannot be limited by our past experiences and by what other people think of us. Mike’s advice when you hit an obstacle, figure out some ways around it. Click the play button now and kickstart your day with this #MindsetMonday episode!

Key Points From This Episode:   

  • Mike shares his background and his focus right now.
  • Mike discusses the rocket fuel philosophy.
  • Why is being stubborn okay if it’s for the right things?
  • What is good marketing?
  • Mike talks about the importance of being inexorable, unable to be stopped.
  • Mike shares ways on how to be known globally.
  • Why being obsessed can be a good thing?
  • Mike elaborates how there is a solution to every problem.
  • The mindset of going global.
  • Why having a mentor can help you and riding in people’s jetstreams to become a better entrepreneur?
  • Mike shares how he started some noise in a good way — engage, establish your branding, self promote.
  • What are the challenges Mike faces in marketing and going global?
  • How to determine what your niche is?
  • Mike shares the next big thing for him — Blueprinted, a tech company.
  • The daily habits that helped Mike achieve success.
  • The number one thing that contributed to Mike’s success — understanding how his mind works.
  • How does Mike like to give back?

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“I understand that myself and everyone are unstoppable to live the life of their dreams if they can just take everything that will stop them or slow them down and store it in their fuel tank instead of their trunk… and convert it for their rocket fuel for the future.” [0:03:22]

“All people are unstoppable to live the life of their dreams.” [0:03:47]

“Inexorable is how I live my life. Inexorable means unyielding, unable to be stopped. And so, everything I do is wrapped around that.” [0:06:26]

“When you’re investing, you really don’t know what your potential is until you try and make an effort towards it. And then do it again, and again, and again, until you keep learning.” [0:09:10]

“When we hit an obstacle, we have to figure out some ways around it.” [0:11:24]

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Rocket Fuel

You 2: A High-Velocity Formula for Multiplying Your Personal Effectiveness in Quantum Leaps

About Mike Ciorrocco

Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco is the CEO of People Building, Inc., and the powerhouse behind the “What Are You Made Of?” movement.

He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary, and thought leader. He has been featured by Yahoo! Finance as one of the Top Business Leaders to Follow in 2020 and is on a mission to build people. He is driven to inspire others and he measures his success on how he can help others achieve greatness. C-Roc had a fire lit in him at an early age. That fire has ignited him with a fierce desire to compel people to see the greatness inside themselves using past life events to fuel their fire.

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[00:00:00] ANNOUNCER: Welcome to The Real Estate Syndication Show. Whether you are a seasoned investor or building a new real estate business, this is the show for you. Whitney Sewell talks to top experts in the business. Our goal is to help you master real estate syndication.

And now your host, Whitney Sewell. 


Whitney Sewell: This is your daily real estate syndication show. I’m your host, Whitney Sewell. Today our guest is Mike Ciorrocco. Mike is the CEO of People Building Inc., and Co-Founder of Blooprinted.  He is a performance coach, author, dynamic public speaker, visionary and thought leader. He has built a highly successful mortgage division with his best friends twice and was named #1 on the list of Top Mortgage Professionals by Yahoo! Finance.

You will enjoy this show with Mike today no matter where you’re at in your entrepreneurial journey — if you’re beginning, or thinking about it, or you’ve been an entrepreneur for many, many years. Mike really talks about the mindset in a big way and he has become known for it. But, he goes back to mindset and so the turning points in his life — some difficult times when he used those difficult things to, instead of becoming a victim like so many people do, he used those events to propel him to have that great mindset. So, anything, either positive or negative, he uses it to propel him forward. He talked about having mentors and riding in people’s jetstreams. You know, it’s like there’s people that are ahead of you and have done it. But, he goes out on his own about mindset and really being stubborn — how being stubborn can be a very good thing if done correctly.

So, I hope you enjoy the show.



WS: Mike, welcome to the show. You have some expertise that I know the listeners and myself are going to really learn so much today from you, that’s going to help our business and thinking about how we’re presenting ourselves, our marketing branding, all those things you’re an expert at. But I want to go back a little bit, and give us a little bit about who you are, how you got to this point, and what you’re focused on right now I know you also wrote wrote an amazing book called Rocket Fuel, that we’re going to get to also that I know the listeners would learn so much from as well. 

But who are you, Mike? What’s your focus right now?


Mike Ciorroco:  Yeah, Whitney, first of all thank you so much for having me today.

Gratitude is such an important thing in my life, and I always start the interviews that I go on with gratitude to you and to listeners, to the listener for showing up. I appreciate it, thank you very much. You know, I’m just a guy that came from humble beginnings, man — a broken family broken home. Don’t remember my parents together, and was challenged by my father after going through an abusive situation for three years from eight to 11 with him crumpling up a $300 bill and throwing it at me and say I was gonna need it when I was living on the streets and my mother one day. There’s a long story to attach that we could probably dive into a little bit but mainly that’s where spark was leading me to prove him wrong, whether that’s healthy or not is not up for me to decide. I just use it as fuel. And so for 30 some years, I’ve been driving off this little spark that my dad gave me. I look at it and choose to do it that way.

Unfortunately I don’t have a relationship with my father at this point, not up to me. But I use it as an asset, as a resource. And so, then I’ve, you know, from there understood that you know, myself and everyone are unstoppable to live the life of their dreams. As if they can just take everything that would stop them or slow them down and store it in their fuel tank. Instead of their trunk where most people store it, weigh them down, and convert it into rocket fuel for your future.

And that’s that’s my mission. That’s what I do. I’m into a lot of things, mortgages, podcasting authoring books, tech. I’m into a lot of things but it’s all centered around the fact that all people are unstoppable to live the life of their dreams. 


WS: All people are unstoppable to living the life of their dreams. Give us just a little bit of the background of the just a rocket fuel philosophy and maybe even use that you know your story there a little bit, you know, helping the listener right now that maybe they’re thinking about that thing constantly that they feel like told them back instead of turning into rocket fuel. 


CR: Yeah. So growing up I was around a lot of broken people, emotional, psychological, drugs, alcohol suicide. You know divorce, as I mentioned already. I was around a lot of that growing up, and so I felt like that most of the time I was having things come my way that we’re not propelling me.

And so, with that being the case, I wasn’t okay with that. I was trying to figure out a way that if I could take everything would stop or slow me down and use it instead of letting it hold me back, that I could achieve great things. And if I can help others with that, that would be even better. And so, at a young age, about 11 years old. This is when this concept started to come into play so everything I like, and by the way, I moved schools a lot when I was a young kid because of my parents’ situation. And I would be going into situations, a lot of times where it was strange, uncomfortable, new friends, leaving old ones behind getting jumped and beat up beaten in, so it would call it. And so, I had to figure out ways out because I was not going to be okay with just being a victim and living in the life that somebody else determined for me. I’m believing in something. See, when she was going to file court papers to get me out of an abusive situation. My dad’s house with my stepmother. She said that you cannot leave me out on a limb, hanging out to dry, if I go to the courts, you need to stick to your guns. Because when you believe in something in life, people are going to try to talk you out of it. They’re going to try to pull you back to them if you’re selling or they’re going to try to just seduce pull you back or talk out of it to match their agenda, because people have agendas and she was really talking about my dad at that point, making sure that I wasn’t talked out of wanting to move out of there, out of that abusive situation. 

And so, I remember her saying that to me and what I took that as is stubborn. And I would, you know, I used to be called stubborn by people that were abusive to me all your stuff from your hard head. And I always looked at it as a bad thing until my mom told me about sticking to your guns. And so, if you look up the definition of stubborn. It’s perversely unyielding in the Merriam Webster dictionary that’s one of the definitions.

If you’re perversely unyielding towards something and it’s on the right thing. You become unstoppable. And so in a wrap it up with this and reading, I do a lot of reading, and there was a word that I came across recently was inexorable. If you’re taking notes you might want to write that word down. Inexorable is how I live my life based on going towards my mission. And so, inexorable means unyielding, unable to be stopped. And so everything I do is wrapped around that.


WS: I love the, you know, being stubborn is ok if it’s on the right things, right, if it is on the right things right. I often talk about my military background and say they gave me that never give up mentality, very similar. Right. You know, what it doesn’t matter what other people say, you know what I know this is the focus, I know this is the goal, just tell me how to get there right Just show me the direction, let’s just get started. Instead of focusing on how difficult it is, or being the victim, like you talked about right. 

Well, let’s move forward a little bit, you know, and let’s talk about the, the marketing branding piece that that you are so good at, and obviously our listeners are, you know, there are many of them are passive investors, many are trying to get their business started, and obviously in our business. People have to know that you are right and we do that through well through, you know good marketing, and branding, and certain leveraging, social media and those things, you know, I’d love to just dive into that a little bit with you and how, you know, just your thoughts on good marketing good branding, obviously we, you know, you know a little bit about our industry there I’m not sure how much you know about our industry, but that’s a lot of people are there listening right there trying to build their investment.


CR: Right, yeah. So, just a quick background, I’m in the mortgage industry. I have a large division that I run for nations lending, and I have 30, anywhere between 35 and 40 employees depending on the day. And back in 2017 I decided that, you know, I need to be doing more. I don’t know why I just felt this feeling in my early 40s and I was thinking, there’s just not playing a big enough game. And I think a lot of the investors are feeling that way you know they’ll get an anxiety or they’ll get a passion towards something, and they just don’t feel quite right they feel like I should be accomplishing more and or they want their money to accomplish more, because that’s what investing is all about is right as having your money. Make more and work for you. And so I started thinking like I gotta figure out a way to do this, and I was telling my people all the time hey we got to get known in our local market. If nobody knows us, we’re not gonna be able to do business, you’re just gonna wait for the phone to ring and that’s never enough business. We got to get known, and so I started thinking to myself, wait a minute, I’m telling them to do this and I’m not doing a good enough job myself. And so I said, Look, if I can figure out a way to get no not in my local market, but in my region, my state, my region. Or how about the country. And then I said well if I’m going to go that big, I might as well go global. And, I was thinking well maybe now with all the UFO talk. Maybe if there’s aliens, let’s get them to know who I am. And so I just started manifesting this fantasy of my head and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with imagining. Imagining is a powerful tool for me.

Just thinking really, really super big. If you’re going to go, why don’t just go as far as you can. And by the way we don’t know our potential. So when you’re investing you really don’t know what your potential is until you try and make an effort towards it, and then do it again, and again and again, and keep learning. So I just had this thing of unlimited unlimited accomplishment unlimited potential in my head. So I decided to figure out how I can get known globally or by aliens. It’s a little joke, of course, hopefully. How can I get known, so I think this is the foundation of it, Whitney, you know, before we get into strategies and techniques, I think we need to one piece inexorable, right, unable to be stopped. We have to operate this way. We have to understand that we are not limited by our experiences from the past, or what people have told us around us or what our mind is telling us. We have to really understand that our potential is beyond what we can imagine and that foundation is so important. And that’s why we talked about my brand,, and I’m not trying to promote him right now but that’s why he keeps elevating. That’s why people that are super successful keep elevating because they understand that their potential is something that is unknown, and they will refuse to be limited by anything besides just keep going and trying to grow. So that was the first step, that foundation. Once I had that foundation I was then searching for ways to get known globally.

And what are the ways? Well I could write a book, I could start a podcast, I could go on other people’s podcasts, I could be all over social media on every channel possible that I could think of, and just go and be obsessed with it, and never be satisfied with it. Be happy as you’re doing it, enjoy the process, enjoy the journey, but just never be satisfied that it’s enough. And I know that may sound obsessive to some people but for me it’s something that it is an obsession. And it’s the only way I could have gotten as far as I’ve gotten in the last three to four years, is by being obsessed. And looking at all avenues and one other thing I’ll add, if you ever dump a bucket of water on a concrete slab that has obstructions to the water spreading out or cracks, what do you have? The water will spread out. And this is what I want people to think about when they’re investing in learning investing, or anything they want to learn in their life. When that water is poured down that concrete, the water will spread out and it will hit an obstruction in the direction of where it wants to go, but then it won’t be able to go so then what it does is it searches out it seeks out openings. It seeks out other opportunities. This is how we have to live our lives, we have to go hard in one direction.

When we hit an obstacle, we have to figure out our ways around it. Some people think that, you know, being unyielding means that you’ve got to just keep going and bang into an obstruction. If you’re investing and you’re going down the wrong route and you’re, you’ve got a deal in front of you, and the numbers aren’t just just aren’t working but you a romanticized by that deal for some reason, it doesn’t mean being unyielding and inexorable, it doesn’t mean that you need to keep going after that deal if the numbers don’t work.


WS: I love that visual though I love the visual of the water and the concrete and it hits and destruction, and it goes around it, and independent of the size of the obstruction it’s going to meet pretty quickly probably on the other side. Right.


CR: That’s the point. Right. So when you’re going through this this is the attitude and the mindset that you have to have. If you have this mindset and basically it comes down to there’s a solution to every problem. No matter the size of the problem, no matter the complexity, there is a solution to every problem and that’s what the water reminds me of, and that’s how I think of myself as I’m going around, by the way I scoop up the obstacles and storm and my fuel tank. As I mentioned before, but yeah that’s that’s a little, little bit that I have on that part for the investors as far as mindset goes.


WS: It’s incredible. I mean operate by being unstoppable and can’t be limited by what others tell us or others I mean that alone is going to help you to get so much further right even if you have you know nothing else about growing a business, just having the mindset of being unstoppable unstoppable and being like that water being willing to go around those obstacles and fast. 

But also, I like how you talked about just getting to the mindset of going global right like that’s so hard for most of us to even think about, you know, and most people are just focused in their own community or in their own market. You know if you change that mindset to global all of a sudden we have to change the way we’re doing things and we’re going to grow so much faster. Right. I mean just changing that mindset alone.


CR: I named it rocket fuel for a reason. I didn’t say gasoline or petrol. I said rocket fuel because I want to and I want to get other people coming with me to go to outer space. Now, obviously not for me, I really don’t want to go to outer space, literally, but figuratively. Going outside of where you think you can go and there’s a book called You squared recently that I read Whitney, I thought I had it here somewhere but you squared, it’s you and then a little too, for you what you call that book by Price Pritchett, You Squared. Anyway, that book by Price Pritchett really got my mind thinking that it’s okay to take incremental steps towards success. If you’re going to stay still or not do anything at all. But do not close your mind off to quantum leaps of things happening miraculously where you are here at point A, and all the sudden you’re somehow able to jump to point B, or we close ourselves off to that, very important and that’s that’s a mindset that investors need to have as well, like you. You can’t hit a home run every time but don’t close yourself off to a home run happening.


WS: Yeah, you’re skipping a few of those letters right you know from A to B or they can’t, it can’t happen. Right.

Well, you know, as, as you have done that, what were a few of the pieces that that allows you to scale quickly you know or that was the rocket fuel or whether it’s the marketing or the branding or you know you mentioned all those things earlier right with his podcasts and all those things you mentioned, what were a few of the first few things or maybe the blueprint kind of helping you to succeed quickly and go global?


CR: Yeah, I love the word blue printed by the way. But mentors mentors is one, and a mentor doesn’t have to be somebody that you meet with in person or even just one on one coaching or anything like that mentor can be somebody that you’ve observed from afar, and you just totally immerse yourself in their content. And that’s somebody that’s doing something that you want to do is somewhere that you want to be or has been through what you need to go through, you know that that’s an important thing for me. The other thing is riding in people’s jet streams. And what I mean by that is, find someone that’s successful, figure out a way that you can add value to them, whether it’s purchasing their content, their programs donating to their charity. Just think of something and by the way, don’t go to the person say hey, how can I help you, or what can I do like what do you need to figure it out. Immerse yourself in their content and then what you’ll do by doing that you’ll realize what their needs are and how you can offer some kind of assistance.

That’s what I did, especially with Grant. For those of you who don’t know, Grant Cardone TEDx movement, I just immersed myself in his content, purchased some of his things, used some of those things and had success with the things that became a case study for the stuff. And then from there, look for opportunities and ways, very intentionally where I could help him blow up his business. In doing that, I’m in his community all over the place they’re talking about me, they see me all the community, the followers know who I am now.

You see, so if you’re in investing, the best thing to do is to get into some kind of mentorship program community or something and start making noise in a good way. And when people start to know who you are and you Be yourself as long as you’re working ethically and trying to do the right things, and you’ll get noticed and people will want to be around you, it’ll be attractive.

And that’s my whole thing is how can I become attractive? How can I pull people into me? And that’s the route that I took.


WS: That’s such as some great tips here and it seems so simple, right, but you got it I mean it takes some action no doubt about it. Getting into a mentorship program with some time having that mentor getting in that community, so valuable like a mastermind of like or something. But tell me, you know, give the listener maybe some examples of how you, you start making some noise and a good way like you said. Help them to have some thoughts in that direction like how do they do that?


CR: Well you know the way I look at it is if I’m going to be on a zoom call or some kind of community thing, or if there’s a Facebook group or I’m going to engage. I’m going to engage in it. I’m going to go to events. I’m going to make sure when I’m on screen that I’m looking engaged and ready to go, not on my phone and all this other stuff. I always have this background, this is my podcast studio obviously but I’ve always had a background behind me with the word see rock. So my branding is very well seen. And everywhere that I go people will see that I want people to know it. If they don’t like it, tough, they know who I am, though, like if somebody says, Man, it’s always got that thing back there self promoting. They’re just mad because they’re not promoting themselves enough and I don’t let that stop me.

So, many people will not promote themselves and create a brand for themselves and give to people because they’re worried about what people think. And they let those people that think those ways, limit them instead of being more concerned with how people experience you. I’d rather be concerned with how people experience me than what they think. And ever since I’ve done that, Whitney it’s been like a rocket fuel trajectory of my graphs. Everything from me getting out of obscurity, the attractiveness that I have with people wanting to be around me and wanting to do projects with me and businesses with me, has just like I said skyrocketed. And so, by the way, I talked about the mindset first. It’s very important. Most people won’t do all the stuff that I just talked about in the 300 interviews over the last year that I’ve done without being obsessed, man.


WS: Do you mean being interviewed 300 times?


CR: Yeah, I’ve been interviewed 300 times. I’ve done my show, I think I’m on episode 150 or something on my show. I’m constantly filming videos and content just on my phone not worrying about what people think, just pushing myself out there so people, like the one thing about me is if I ever needed a job. I could just tell somebody to Google me.

And I’ve put so much content out there over the last two years, because I was obsessed and intentional, that it’s hard to like for somebody not to know who I am, not to know what kind of person they’re going to get when it comes to me. And if you approach it like this, you don’t ever have anything to worry about.


WS: I just love just getting past what other people think, I mean that alone just hold so many people back, right. I love that even mentioning numbers like being interviewed 300 times this year I think, I only know a few people that have done that. And, think that does show just the obsession to just making it happen being known going global like you mentioned, you know, putting a number like that I think it’s helpful to the listeners as well that they, you know, 20 times a years a lot, you know, and so i mean it’s it’s great, right it’s great to think through that and putting yourself out there even the videos like you said on your phone don’t care what other people think hey I’m just sharing what I’m learning, sharing who I am these things, you know in people and it’s attractive right to your followers right maybe not to everyone but that’s okay. 


CR: So, not to cut you off but you’ll, you’ll filter out the people that you shouldn’t be around by doing this. The people that don’t like it, they’re not supposed to be in your world right now. And by the way, I’m not making this stuff up. I just followed a mentor that already did it. And, I’m just doing what he did without really thinking like why would I start to think that’s when I start to think right now I start to think the mental mental stuff happens and fear sets in and, you know, so I’m not okay with that, so I don’t think about it I just do it.


WS: Yeah, no, I have a very similar story myself. Yeah, it’s trying to recreate the wheel. No doubt about it. And, I mean now that you’re where you’re at now I mean you started just putting yourself out there as hard as you can go. What are some of the challenges now you have as far as around the marketing piece and getting you know in scaling globally continually?


CR: You know, my biggest thing I’ve always had is the niche. You know, I look at people that have a medical practice and the ones that are specialists are the ones that make more money. And that works in marketing to you have to be niched, and my thing is that I don’t want to be boxed in like that, I have a big problem. You know I don’t know what it is with me but I just feel like I want to reach a lot of people. And if you niche you don’t reach as many people. And so I fight that a lot of times, you know, so that’s my biggest challenge. Okay what’s the niche, what am I going to go after, and then who am I going to leave out when I do that, you know, and that’s just always been the biggest thing for me. Challenge wise when I know I need to do it I know I need to niche, but I just don’t want to be boxed in, it’s just not something personality wise I’m okay with.


WS: So, how do you, I guess how do you determine who that niche is? I mean, people asked me about podcasting all the time. We’ve done over 1,000 shows now daily. You know, every day, seven days a week and everybody wants to know about that and one of the first things, everybody always asks about well, how far do I need to niche down you right and it’s important to niche down but but in your case I mean I’ve struggled with the same thing especially doing a daily show finding enough guests. If we were to niche down right 30 people a month. You know how I guess, how do you combat that to where it’s okay or where you found your audience and you’ve, you’ve created you know who you’re reaching that you’re okay with?


CR: I basically have chosen to follow two things — money and passion. This is why I got into the tech space, but also what allows me also to continue to not have to, with my podcast and my interviews, it doesn’t require me to niche down with those things. I can still focus on the business side of things and niche with the business and kind of separate the two. Does it make sense?


WS: It does. Yeah, yeah does. And so your podcasts, I guess you can kind of float the podcast a little more didn’t have to be as niche or did I would get that backwards.


CR: Well the podcast is all about people that have had success, and then bringing them on the show to share the ingredients that have gone into creating their success. 


WS: And most of those things are universal, right, or I mean could be used by many different businesses and entrepreneurs. 


CR: Right, right.


WS: So, what’s the next big thing for you, Mike, that’s going to help take you to the next, the next level?


CR: The next big thing for us is this tech business that we’re starting, we co-founded a company called Blue printed. It’s a new product that’s coming out, project management meets social media meets, you know, consulting coaching. Basically if anybody that’s had success in any vertical can document their success in a step by step process, then what we do is we allow people to build their, their plans in our system, and then take it to the marketplace and sell them. Sell your blueprint to success so that people would just need to add action and a great attitude, and anybody that could have action and great attitude to just steps and make success easier so that’s what blueprint is all about it. Basically I found that digital training courses are just not effective.

You know, 83% aren’t even completed when people buy them. So what I realized after seeing that was that there’s an issue that if people just had the steps, just give me two steps, tell me what to do. Step one, do this step to do this step three, if you encounter this do step, a counter just to step back and then move on to Step four, and so on, it would almost guarantee success. So that’s what we created. I’m really fired up about that and then as well as other tech products that we’re going to be launching in the tech portfolio. If anybody’s listening by the way that has a tech idea if you reach out to me, anywhere Instagram, LinkedIn. I would be happy to walk you through the steps of figuring out if that idea is validated and maybe even co-founded the company with you.


WS: That’s awesome man. Blueprinted, I think it’s, you know, the focus and the time spent on creating a show the value in knowing where you’re going right laying out the steps to get there and that’s going to help you do that, is that right?


CR: Yeah. Exactly, exactly. I mean, you know, at the end of the day, any business relies on systems and procedures right and standard operating procedures, and the more thorough and granular you are with those the more success you can have, the more scale and you can do. And so that’s where I kind of got this idea and we mark, you know, we did research in the market and validated that idea and everybody I’ve talked to cannot wait for this product to come out so it’s  going to be a game changer. And I’m just fired up to get it in people’s hands.


WS: Mike, what are some daily habits that you have that you’re disciplined about that have helped you achieve success?


CR: First thing in the morning, I wake up and I say thank you. I literally wiggle my fingers and toes and pay attention to the fact that I have hands, feet, arms and legs, I can see, I go through this every single day. It really gets rid of everything I had to complain about. I do some kind of exercising, I write my goals down. I say to myself, over and over again, what I want to achieve. Throughout the day, when I’m not doing something particular, I will literally talk to myself out loud and say things that I want to achieve. And what happens by the way when you when that happens I start to notice that opportunities keep popping up to achieve whatever I’ve been saying, I’m actually creating my future. By doing that, and too many people don’t believe in it. So they don’t do it. And when you don’t believe in it. you will never see it. So it’s a kind of thing where you can’t see things first and then believe in it you have to believe first to be able to see. I always liked it, and this is another thing for if you’re taking notes you might want to write this down like I have this book here and there’s writing on this book. Okay, that writing is on that page. But if the need for bifocals are as people call them readers, by the need for those, I may not see the writing on that book, or it might be blurry. Even they may have been in front of you the whole time, even though the words are there. When you put the readers on which is your belief. You believe now, the words appear, even though they were there the whole time. So belief and faith are very, very powerful. I know we hear about it all the time but I like to relate those two stories like the writing on the paper, it’s there all the time.

Just because you can’t see resources that are going to help you achieve your goal, doesn’t mean they’re not there. Once you start believing and start talking to yourself about your future and what you want, they start to appear


WS: Like you start to see opportunities that many times have been there all along, right? You are blind to.

What’s the number one thing that’s contributed to your success?


CR: The number one thing is my understanding of how my mind works, and understanding that I am unlimited in my potential in my mind and my spirit and intellect. And once I realized that, then nobody can tell me any differently no event that takes place, no setback. Nothing takes that for me. And once you understand this as well, nothing will be able to stop you. Until we’re plucked from this planet, you’ll be able to continue on to doing whatever you want and having the life of your dreams. And that’s the biggest thing for me was understanding that, and once I gain that concept that I was put here by an all powerful creator, and I’d be naive to think that he put me here with limitations, my spirit and intellect, the mind, it was a game changer.


WS: Mike, how do you like to give back?


CR: I like to give back by everything, if you guys notice if you’re on social media and you follow me on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, everything I do, I don’t charge for. Everything I put out all the content that I put out man I’m showing money out and time like you would not believe right now. And it’s because I’m committed, I’m committed to giving, giving giving, and I’m committed to getting known to be the guy that can show you how to be unstoppable.

And so, I love that and then there’s one particular charity that I absolutely love which is believing tomorrow. They have a children’s house by the sea, which is when terminally ill kids don’t have time for vacations and the families don’t have time for vacations they provide a vacation at the beach for the family, and I just love that organization.


WS: Mike I’m grateful for just meeting you personally and just really, I mean, we really talked about as much mindset as anything I feel like and it’s so important, right it is so important. Just operating to be unstoppable and not thinking about what others think, even expanding your mind to think globally as opposed to just, you know, having the blinders on it which I was there at one time and can relate to that. And thinking about who’s in your network, who surrounds you. Even the analogy of the water on the concrete, I love that and going around those obstacles.

But, you know, tell the listeners though again how they can get in touch with you any other way, and also how they can learn about your book Rocket Fuel?


CR: Yeah, so if you go to, you can get the book, you can check with things about me. And of course, I’m on Instagram clubhouse LinkedIn, I mean all you gotta do is look up Mike Ciorrocco, I made it very easy for you. And please engage to me, I love answering DMs and messages. I’d be happy to answer the questions that you have. The reason I stuck with this mindset is because if you don’t have that, you don’t have that foundation, you’re not gonna do all the strategies and techniques that Whitney or any of these other guests talk about.


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