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Whitney Sewell
RES 249 | Managing Real Estate Paperwork
Listen to the podcast here: Managing real estate paperwork and documentation are probably the most tedious parts of any real estate deal. Krista Testani, the Principal and Managing Partner at Sharpline Equity, shares how she evolved from law, to syndication, and then to multi-family. She walks us through what she does as a partner in...
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RES 248 | Self-Discipline
Listen to the podcast here: If there’s one skill you have to master in real estate besides building connections and the like, it should be self-discipline. It is an indispensable skill to becoming successful and winning deals. Jerome Myers, the Managing Director of The Myers Development Group LLC, recounts his transition from working at a...
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RES 247 | Structuring Real Estate Deals
Listen to the podcast here: How do you structure your first ever deal in real estate that would inevitably lead to a win-win situation? Brian Burke lists down the three common ways you can use and integrate when structuring real estate deals. Brian is the President and CEO of Praxis Capital, Inc, a vertically-integrated real...
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RES 246 | Real Estate Language
Listen to the podcast here: Why do people travel? Some of the reasons could be to immerse in a different culture and learn a new language. If the destination you pick is real estate, the same rules apply – to belong is to dive in and learn the culture. Dan Handford swings by once more...
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RES 245 | Multifamily Syndication
Listen to the podcast here: Having a day job and getting a syndication business going at the same time is two full-time jobs. You’ve got to be willing to jump in and balance everything to make it happen. Venkat Avasarala, the Founder of Raven Multifamily and a corporate IT, shares how he’s been able to...
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RES 244 | Passive Investing
Listen to the podcast here: There are several niches in real estate you can focus on. Kay Kay Singh found that where his passion lies is passive investing through syndication. Kay Kay Singh is the CEO of Grow Rich Capital. He has over eighteen years of business experience in the US with multifamily syndicated deals...
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RES 243 | Real Estate Brokerage
Listen to the podcast here: Right now, most brokers in the market are extremely busy with transactions due to high demand. Tyler Chesser, Founder and President of The Chesser Companies, is back to share his real estate brokerage knowledge. Tyler tells us why a broker should be able to analyze deals quickly in this particular...
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RES 242 | Shatterproof Business
Listen to the podcast here: How do you win in life and in real estate? Make your business shatterproof. Known as America’s Legal Coach, Scott Reib reveals how to scale your business by breaking down five proven strategies to shatterproof your business. With over twenty years of experience as an attorney helping business owners, entrepreneurs,...
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RES 241 | Capital Raising
Listen to the podcast here: People are struggling to raise capital fast. Daniel Woodford, a seasoned multifamily investor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Mission Bay Capital Partners explains what capital raising is all about. Daniel shares how they have been successful in raising capital from their first webinar as well as how they’re doing it now....
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RES 240 | Screening Renters
Listen to the podcast here: Having a management system for screening renters can save you loads of time and effort. Cliff Hayden, the Founder of, shares some tips on qualifying tenants in the most cost-efficient manner, revealing the questions that you should ask when screening them. He also recounts some common mistakes they made when...
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