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Whitney Sewell
RES 239 | Raising Private Capital
Listen to the podcast here: Getting people to invest with you or for you in real estate can be a daunting task. Dan Handford, the Founder of the Multifamily Investor Nation, shares his tips on raising private capital for syndication. He talks about the investor triad of “know, like, and trust” that supersedes everything in...
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RES 238 | Commercial Property Insurance
Listen to the podcast here: Collin Chlebak, the Vice President of Virtus, talks about how to approach commercial property insurance as a broker and how to handle clients efficiently. Virtus is a financial planning firm that touches over 300,000 multifamily units and over 100 million square feet of commercial real estate. Collin provides hands-on insurance...
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RES 237 | Real Estate Tax Strategies
Listen to the podcast here: The road to becoming a real estate professional takes sacrifice and a lot of guts. Ted Lanzaro shows us his business’ best practices in terms of understanding real estate investing tax strategies and keeping records. Ted is a Certified Public Accountant and a real estate investor with over 29 years...
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RES 236 | Becoming A Syndicator
Listen to the podcast here: Krista Testani, the Principal and Managing Partner of Sharpline Equity, narrates how she transitioned from being an attorney to becoming a syndicator. As Krista recounts her jump into real estate which she realized was her true passion, she highlights the importance of getting the right education and the right mentor....
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RES 235 | Rehabbing Properties
Listen to the podcast here: Decisions always evolve as time, technology, and people evolve with it, especially in the world of real estate. Jeff Schechter, the CEO and co-founder of High Return Real Estate, talks about how his curiosity for internet marketing and real estate led him to his current business which is rehabbing properties....
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RES 234 | Multifamily Real Estate
Listen to the podcast here: Transitioning from one trade to another is not an easy task especially when you are jumping into the multifamily real estate industry. Brian Murray, the Founder and CEO of Washington Street Properties, talks about his shift from the tech sector to multifamily real estate. Helping people to jump in and...
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RES 233 | Real Estate Team Building
Listen to the podcast here: There are so many roles you have to take in the real estate business. Although it is possible to manage everything on your own, it is best to build a team for the business to grow and scale. Liz Faircloth, the co-founder and Chief Advisor of DeRosa Group which controls...
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RES 232 | Passive Investing
Listen to the podcast here: Multifamily syndication is something to dive right into if you want to take advantage of high-value real estate with high returns. Managing partner of and Apartments Syndication Company, Dan Handford, joins us to discuss the three criteria for you to consider when you’re looking at investing passively with another...
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RES 231 | Limiting Beliefs In Real Estate
Listen to the podcast here: What is holding you back from investing in real estate and achieving a six to seven-figure success in a short period? There are so much limiting beliefs that have been prevalent in the real estate arena that results to investors soaking all of it in and shying away from going...
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RES 230 | Asset Management
Listen to the podcast here: Everything starts from scratch. Even businesses and asset management start from nothing, but it only takes one person to materialize something into one great entity. Ben Suttles, the co-Founder of Disrupt Equity, shares his journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. He talks about his first deal, raising capital, managing a...
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