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Why should I invest in multifamily real estate?

– Multifamily housing has a variety of benefits for investors, including predictable returns, single-asset ownership, and significant tax savings

– Real estate is very stable compared to the equities market

– Workforce housing is undersupplied around the country, very little new stock in the development pipeline, and demand is increasing



Why partner with LBC?

– Life Bridge Capital is committed to sourcing high-quality deals in growth markets

– LBC, through its founder Whitney Sewell, has a passion for adoption and gives 50% of his profits to those seeking to adopt

– Our investment portal provides a clean and transparent view of all investments, and automates the monthly dividend process



How have all your deals to date performed? Are you making distributions on all of them? 

– We are currently paying out the full preferred return on all LBC deals and have not missed a single dividend