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WS23: How Building Contingencies into Your Real Estate Syndication Deals Can Help You Survive Downturns with Brian Burke


In this episode, Whitney interviews Brian Burke, President and CEO of Praxis Capital. Brian shares some his best work practices that has allowed him to build a $200 million asset portfolio over the years. You will learn about the different areas that Brian is contemplating investing in. What is Brian’s methodology for zeroing in on suitable areas? Is it worthwhile to invest in self-storage facilities? You will also learn the importance of conservative underwriting – and factoring in non-revenue units and concessions while analyzing a deal. This show is loaded with great value that will surely help you and your business. Tune in now!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:31 –   Whitney introduces Brian to listeners
  • 02:12 –   How did Brian transition into real estate?
  • 02:43 –   Brian gets an opportunity to invest in a foreclosure
  • 03:10 –   Did Brian jump directly in real estate syndication?
  • 03:37 –   Reasons for preferring real estate syndication over fixing and flipping properties
  • 04:26 –   Which areas is Brian currently contemplating investing in? Brian shares his methodology for zeroing in suitable properties
  • 06:11 –   How can aspiring syndicators know that one market is better than the other?
  • 07:48 –   Brian shares his methodology for branching out to unfamiliar markets
  • 09:03 –   Learn about the 132 unit Atlanta deal that Brian recently closed
  • 10:37 –   Are multifamily investments Brian’s sole focus?
  • 11:20 –   Is Brian considering investing in self-storage facilities?
  • 11:40 –   What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Brian’s success? Discussing the need for complementary and successful partnerships
  • 13:07 –   Key factors that will help you find good partners
  • 14:29 –   A recent mistake that Brian made, and how he managed to overcome it
  • 16:53 –   What is the #1 thing that you, as a real estate syndicator can do to improve your business?
  • 17:59 –   Conservative underwriting and other tips for building safety nets that will help you survive downturns
  • 19:15 –   What is an economic vacancy?
  • 20:31 –   Factoring in non-revenue units, concessions and employee discounts is important while analyzing a deal
  • 21:57 –   How to factor in cap rate while analyzing a real estate syndication deal
  • 23:04 –   Brian shares his contact information
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In this episode, you will learn:

  1. How to discover suitable real estate investment properties in unfamiliar areas
  2. The ART of finding good and reliable partners in real estate syndication
  3. How to build adequate safety nets in real estate syndication to survive steep downturns


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