WS22: Little Known Facts About Real Estate Syndication That You Should Be Aware Of with Mark Kenney

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In this episode, Whitney interviews Mark Kenney, co-founder of Think Multifamily. Mark shares some little know about facts about the real estate syndication business – facts which have helped him to grow his investment portfolio to 3,000 units over the past 20 years. Why do some syndication deals offer lower returns than others? What is the # 1 thing that has contributed to Mark’s success? And, how do you qualify a partner for a syndication project? Mark also reveals his current business strategy which is sure to help you greatly. Tune in to our latest show!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 – Whitney introduces Mark to listeners
  • 01:35 – How did Mark transition into real estate?
  • 02:47 – Mark chucks his thriving but demanding career for a better work-life balance
  • 03:52 – Mark shares details of the 9 deals that he has made this year; Why does Mark prefer focus on bigger deals?
  • 05:39 – Networking tips for getting started in real estate syndication
  • 07:11 – Who is the ideal candidate for Mark’s one-on-one coaching program?
  • 08:41 – What is the #1 reason that people shy away from investing in real estate syndication?
  • 10:04 – Why do some real estate syndication deals offer lower returns than others? Discussing the risk-reward conundrum
  • 11:34 – Expert Tips for inexperienced syndicators who wish to pitch a syndication deal to potential investors
  • 13:07 – Common questions that potential investors ask syndicators when you make a pitch
  • 13:34 – Important for a syndicators to be upfront and honest about the risks involved
  • 15:36 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Mark’s success?
  • 16:51 – The need to partner with someone who has complimentary skill sets
  • 17:24 – Which factor is currently helping Mark improve his business? We discuss the need to be open to constructive criticism
  • 20:07 –  How to qualify a partner for a real estate syndication project
  • 22:53 –  A recent mistake that Mark made on a syndication deal, and what he learnt from it
  • 26:23 – Mark’s current business strategy and future projections
  • 18:18 –  Learn about the charities that Mark and Whitney are so passionate about
  • 29:45 –  Mark shares his contact information
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In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Why low return syndication deals might not necessarily be bad deals
  2. The ART of making a pitch for a syndication project
  3. How to qualify partners for a real estate syndication project


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