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WS89: How to Rehab a Syndicated Property and Unlock Hidden Value with John Fortes

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In this episode, Whitney interviews John Fortes, Principal, Community First Investment Group, LLC. John REVEALS how you can to find and rehab an under-rented and undervalued property – to realize attractive returns for your investors and you.

How do you find reliable partners to team up with? And, how can you interact with experienced syndicators in order to learn the ropes of the business? You will also learn how you can find and syndicate properties with hidden value. Hearing John talk about his past deals will surely give you a tip or two on how to manage your business. This show is loaded with some great insights! Tune in now!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces John to listeners
  • 01:27 – How did John transition to real estate investing?
  • 02:20 – John shares how he ended up partnering with the right people – and ended up founding Community First
  • 04:05 – Why did John opt for real estate syndication?
  • 05:31 – How complimentary skillsets results in a smooth and valuable partnership
  • 06:46 – Did John’s partners have prior experience in real estate syndication?
  • 08:19 – How did John and his partners unable to close their first 36 unit deal?
  • 10:05 – John connects with his third partner, Matt through the Jake & Gino Facebook’s group
  • 13:07 – John and his partners ends up buying a 62 unit multifamily property
  • 15:10 – Learn how John put in $500,000 to rehab an undervalued and under-rented property
  • 17:08 – John cautions syndicators to factor in a conservative timeline when doing rehab
  • 18:26 – Can a light value add property with good cash flow prove to be a good investment? John shares some interesting details about the recent 42 unit deal that he acquired
  • 20:00 – An ability to implement the BRRR strategy is a huge advantage of real estate syndication
  • 21:30 – John urges listeners to stop procrastinating and take action
  • 22:15 – What is the most challenging part of the syndication process?
  • 22:50 – Tips and Tricks to effectively communicate with all stakeholders in real estate syndication
  • 23:24 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to John’s success?
  • 24:35 – John shares his contact information
  • 25:14 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
  • 25:45 – A Special Thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to network with peers in the syndication space
  2. The ART of finding and partnering with the right people with complimentary skillsets
  3. How to rehab and unlock hidden value for a under-rented and poorly maintained property


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