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WS90: How to Find Reliable Partners and Build a Dream Team in Real Estate Syndication with Omar Khan

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In this episode, Whitney interviews Omar Khan, CFA and M & A expert with Boardwalk Wealth. Omar gives some great insights that will help syndicators find reliable partners with complimentary skillsets.

How do you vet property managers and brokers? Would HNI’s will be willing to act as key principals on a syndicated deal? We also share how even inexperienced syndicators can find buy in with property managers and brokers. Tune in to get some great nuggets from this gentlemen who has the rare distinction of advising capital financing and M&A transactions to the tune of $3.7 billion. Watch now!

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  Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29  – Whitney introduces Omar to listeners
  • 01:15  – Omar shares how he ventured into real estate syndication
  • 02:42  – How to find reliable partners and build a dream team for your syndication business
  • 03:28  – The need to partner with strong individuals with deep industry knowledge
  • 05:04  – Omar urges listeners to avoid rushing ahead and end up partnering with the wrong person
  • 07:19 – Apart from partners, who else do you need on your syndication team?
  • 09:00 – Will brokers treat you seriously if you do not have a track record?
  • 10:10 – Tips and Tricks for building credibility with real estate brokers
  • 11:32  – Get your tax queries answered by the Real Estate CPA
  • 12:21  – The need to have clear investing criteria is the first step
  • 14:10  – Questions that will help you vet a real estate broker and property manager
  • 17:02  – Requirements for a person to act as a “key principal” on a syndicated deal
  • 19:13  – Omar explains why HNI’s would be interested in partnering up and acting as “Key principals” on a syndicated deal
  • 23:40  – Networking Tips and Tricks for finding and building relationships with equity partners
  • 27:47 – How can Omar’s deal analysing software help you make better investing decisions?
  • 29:10  – Omar shares his contact information
  • 29:43 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
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In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to build a dream team in real estate syndication
  2. Tips and Tricks for building credibility with real estate brokers
  3. How to vet real estate brokers and property managers
  4. Networking Tips for finding and building relationships with HNIs who are willing to act as key principals on your project


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