WS98: Syndicating Deals Worth $300 Million in a Year with Annie Dickerson

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Annie Dickerson, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Goodegg Investments shares some expert business strategies and little known facts that has allowed her to syndicate 3500 multifamily units and 1500 self-storage units in less than a year.

How has Annie managed to progress so quickly in such a short period of time? What challenges did Annie face when she first attempted to syndicate a deal? How do you find reliable real estate sponsors whom you can partner with? Annie also explains each step of the syndication workflow in great deal. Tune in for some great insights!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:31 – Whitney introduces Annie to listeners
  • 01:24 – How did Annie transition towards real estate investing and then, syndication?
  • 02:26 – What are some challenges that Annie faced as she attempted to syndicate her first deal?
  • 03:10 – Annie helps an established syndicator with his capital raising efforts
  • 04:42 – What is the current focus of Annie’s company?
  • 05:21 – Annie recounts a difficult experience with a past tenant to highlight how syndication
  • 07:33 – Having clear investing goals is a must before venturing into the syndication business
  • 09:20 – Highlighting the importance of investing with reliable sponsor partners with a good track record
  • 10:45 – How can inexperienced investors find real estate sponsors whom they can trust with their hard earned money
  • 12:33 – Common questions that investors ask syndicators before coming on board
  • 13:08 – Can a syndicator guarantee fixed returns to investors?
  • 13:44 – Annie reveals how she evaluates and zeroes in on a suitable market
  • 14:52 – How is investing in a syndication different from investing in a rental property?
  • 15:30 – Annie explains each step of the syndication workflow from deal scouting to deal closing
  • 18:21 – What sort of communication can you except from a syndicator after deal acquisition?
  • 19:27 – Tips and Tricks for getting started in the syndication business
  • 20:28 – What has been the most challenging aspect of the syndication business for Annie?
  • 21:24 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Annie’s success?
  • 22:33 – Annie shares how rigid systems and processes are helping her
  • 24:16 – What are some business developments that Annie is really excited about?
  • 25:43 – Annie shares her contact information
  • 26:00 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
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In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to find real estate sponsors with a good track record whom you can trust with your hard earned money
  2. The importance of implementing rigid systems and processes for streamlining your business
  3. Common questions that investors ask syndicators before coming on board


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