WS99: How Online Syndication Allows Pricing, Control and Certainty of Execution with Ian Formigle

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Ian Formigle, VP of Investments at CrowdStreet shares the benefits of online syndication and provides us a “peek” into their investment model which has helped conduct 275 offerings totaling a market value of $10 Billion.

Ian explains how online syndication allows solicitation of investors for your syndication projects. Which deals are apt for online syndication? Are online investors less savvy compared to their more traditional counterparts? What is the average check size for an online deal? Ian also lists the various attributes that will help you find success on this new platform. For all this and much, much more tune in to our latest show!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:31 – Whitney introduces Ian to listeners
  • 01:26 – Why did Ian chuck this career as a securities trader to don the hat of a real estate investor?
  • 04:06 – Ian explains how online syndication via CrowdStreet allows solicitation of investors in syndication
  • 06:32 – As a private equity trader, which different sources of capital did Ian tap into?
  • 08:27 – What are the pros and cons of institutional JV’s compared to syndication?
  • 12:26 – Which deals are apt for online syndication like CrowdStreet?
  • 14:17 – Ian explains why a lot of off-market transactions are facilitated on CrowdStreet
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  • 17:01 – Why is Ian solely focusing on online syndication? Discussing how online syndication offers advantages such as pricing, control, and certainty of execution
  • 20:40 – Ian shares some interesting facts about his organization, CrowdStreet
  • 21:10 – Are online investors are less sophisticated and have lower net worth than traditional investors? Ian clears the air
  • 21:55 – Is the average check size for online syndication smaller than traditional syndication?
  • 23:22 – How a long term, focused approach is critical for success in online syndication
  • 25:38 – Seeing the deal all the way through is important in syndication
  • 27:33 – How building a good track record can help you build a sustainable, long term business
  • 28:04 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Ian’s success?
  • 20:27 – Ian shares his contact information
  • 31:02 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
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In this episode, you will learn

  1. Pros and Cons of online syndication versus traditional syndication
  2. The importance of mastering the entire deal process right up to closing
  3. How online syndication offers pricing, control, and certainty of execution


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