WS129: How I Scaled up My Home Service and Lead Generation Businesses with Tommy Mello

lead generation and home service tips for real estate investors

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Thomas Mello, owner, A1 Garage Door Services, host of the Home Service Expert podcast and co-founder, LeadGeeks reveals some EXPERT Tips which will help real estate investors (a) procure quality garage doors within budget and (b) discover motivated sellers and potentially lucrative deals.

This show starts off with Thomas sharing his background information. How did Thomas grow his garage door business into a $30 million organization? Thomas reveals some Expert Tips for real estate folks who are planning on installing garage door for their multifamily properties. How do you vet and hire a suitable installation company? Can you really find a cheap yet reliable home service company to fulfill your needs? Thomas also shares some great money saving tips that will help you bring down your purchase cost, and give you a competitive advantage.

In the latter half of the show, Thomas reveals some interesting details about his second business, LeadGeeks. You will learn how LeadGeeks can help real estate investors find highly motivated sellers. But is the lead quality top notch? And, what is the cost per lead? Other topics discussed include online marketing strategies and some effective traditional marketing strategies. Tune in for some great tips. Watch now!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Thomas to listeners
  • 01:15 – Thomas shares his background information
  • 01:29 – Thomas gives us a “peek” into this lead generation strategy
  • 03:02 – Learn about Thomas’s garage door installation company
  • 05:18 – Discussing different garage door options and costs
  • 07:28 – Tips and Tricks for vetting and hiring a garage door installation company
  • 09:09 – Criteria for selecting a garage door installation company
  • 09:32 – Thomas reveals how he is able to bring down his purchase cost by purchasing door components rather than the entire door
  • 10:21 – Can you really hire quality home service companies for cheap?
  • 11:20 – Tommy shares how he discovers motivated home seller leads using LeadGeeks
  • 15:45 – Are the different leads generated at LeadGeeks segmented into different asset classes?
  • 16:20 – How can you purchase leads from LeadGeeks? Typically, what is the cost per lead?
  • 17:46 – What is the typical client profile at LeadGeeks?
  • 20:40 – Expert Tips for building a brand presence on social media
  • 23:28 – Is it a good idea to send out online surveys?
  • 24:15 – Is marketing via mail still a good idea? Thomas suggests a great resource
  • 25:22 – Is text messaging an effective option?
  • 25:52 – What is the number one thing that has contributed to Thomas’s success?
  • 29:19 – Thomas shares his contact information
  • 31:13 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
  • [spp-timestamp time=”31:28″] – A Special Thanks to our sponsor, LifeBridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn

  1. How to vet and hire a reliable garage door installation company that can deliver quality work within budget
  2. How to save money on your garage door installations
  3. How to DISCOVER motivated home sellers
  4. Effective marketing techniques that will help generate leads at the lowest cost


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