WS291: Finding The Right People To Sponsor Your Deals with Sunny Shakhawala

Are you a passive investor looking for your first syndication? If you are, serial entrepreneur Sunny Shakhawala can help you get started on finding the right people to sponsor your deals. Trust is a critical part of business. That is why Sunny invests a bulk of his profits only with a few specially chosen partners where each deal sponsor specializes in varied assets and market class. In this episode, he points out the characteristics he looks for in a sponsor using his own criteria. He also shares what he is looking for in a market deal and how he interviews a sponsor before making a deal.

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On today’s episode, we are joined by serial entrepreneur, Sunny Shakhawla, to talk about how syndicators can secure investments. As an investor himself, he shares some of his personal experience and what has worked for him and his syndicators in the past. He talks about the things he looks out for when investing in a syndication, such as track record, current assets under management and deals taken through life cycle. While experience and track record are invaluable in securing an investment, newbies need not be discouraged as he shares some tips on how they too can land their first deal. Entering into these deals is not something to be taken lightly and as such, communication is key, which is why it is incredibly important for the investors to ask questions and the syndicators to provide as much information as possible and work on building rapport with the investors.

Usually hesitation to invest is because of a lack of confidence, so syndicators should not be afraid that they will bombard investors with information. Rather, by keeping them in the loop, it opens up a space where investors are able to ask questions comfortably. He also talks through steps further into the deal, such as types and methods of verification, which markets to look for as well what to keep an eye out for in the offering of memorandum. These are all highly valuable and informative tips, from someone with a great deal of experience. For all this and much more, join us today!

Key Points from This Episode:

  • The key things to look for when investing in a syndication
  • How first-time syndicators with no track record can secure a deal.
  • The four conversations to have with a syndicator.
  • What you can go to get proof of ownership.
  • How the process unfolds after the offer has been made.
  • Why syndicators can use questions as a lesson.
  • What to look for in the market you are investing in. 
  • Things to look for in the offering of memorandum.
  • How networking has contributed to his success.

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About Sunny Shakhawala

Sunny is a serial entrepreneur, currently focused on managing a 45 unit commercial asset as well as building out a private money lending business. Sunny has grown his lending business from $100,000 in loans originated in 2016 to over $2,000,000 originated in 2018. He invests the bulk of his profits from both businesses into multifamily syndication with a select few trusted partners. Each deal sponsor specializes in a different market and asset class, which provides diversification in location, tenant base, and deal life-cycle.

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