WS305: Leveraging Your Value to Find the Perfect Mentor with Matthew Baltzell

On today’s episode, we are talking to Matthew Baltzell on the topic of mentors. Drawing on his rich and colorful work life, he shares the importance of mentors, no matter what industry you are in. He has developed five steps for landing a real estate mentor that could easily be translated into any other field.

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Before embarking on the journey of finding a mentor, it is important to dispel the commonly held myth that having a mentor is about you. It is about making yourself valuable so that you can offer something to the mentor because like any other relationship, reciprocity is key. Creating and adding value is not about being an expert in every field. Rather, it is knowing where your weaknesses lie and displaying a willingness to work on them that will truly set you apart. Instead of negative self-talk and pointing out where you fall short, focus on what you do have to offer. It is easy to think that you have not accomplished enough, but there are so many skills that are valuable and transferable if you know what you are capable of. Do not be afraid to reach out and explore how you can add value to your future mentor’s life. For all these tips and many more, join us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Understanding why mentoring is not about you.
  • Why learning how to become a person of value is crucial. 
  • What the spiral effect is and how you can use it to your benefit. 
  • The impact of a credibility toolkit and why you need to work on it. 
  • Why the willingness to work on weaknesses is as important as expertise. 
  • The importance of clarity, both in terms of your goals and expectations of your mentor. 
  • How to reach out to others and truly add value
  • Understanding why you should strive to add value to every interaction. 
  • The importance of constantly working on building relationships. 
  • If you have to ask someone to be your mentor, start small and build your way up.

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About Matthew Baltzell

Matthew is a real estate analyst at Boardwalk Wealth in Dallas, Texas and I host the freshest podcast Real Estate Journeys on iTunes and Stitcher. Born and raised in Colorado. He graduated from Thee Colorado State University with a degree in Speech Communications. Prior to the 2008, I helped operate a family portfolio of 10 Single Family homes along with multiple fix and flips. Today, I’m living the good life in Chiang Mai, Thailand working abroad from my MacBook Pro. Digital Nomad? Not Exactly. He embarked on a journey around the world and found my loving wife Bew in Thailand. They fell in love and recently got married in November 2018 and have plans to return to Denver, CO by the end of 2019. His current focus is to develop myself as a real estate investor at Boardwalk Wealth and to help pioneer new real estate investors with multi-family apartments and commercial real estate.

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