WS1640: Investing Internationally Part 2 | Evie Brooks

Investing internationally comes with a range of risks. From political instability to inflation to cultural and language differences – these add to the already complex and uncertain nature of international investments. However, our guest, Evie Brooks of My Panama Vacation Realty shares with us how these can be overcome if you work with the right people.

Join Evie in this second part of our podcast series as she explores the risks associated with overseas property investing and what can we do about it to achieve success.



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Join Evie as she shares how international investing has changed her life and how this can be possible for you too.

Key Points From This Episode:  

  • What are the other benefits of investing internationally in real estate?
  • What are the risks of investing internationally in real estate?
  • What is Panama like for investors? What are the jobs available there? What industries employ the most people?

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“If I find that you have overcharged and are taking advantage of one of my clients, there are no second chances.”

“You got to just be ultra-cautious, especially when you’re not from that region or that country, because they see outside international investors as a one-dollar sign.”

“Safety is not an issue that I’ve ever been concerned with in Panama. The only time you ever hear about something violent is domestic. I have been down there since 2012. And I’ve only once had an encounter that created some concern.”

“By being intricately involved in all the different projects and buildings with different developers that we work with, we have a pretty good strong handle on what is a good value.”

“We negotiate with the developers to get a really below market retail price that they’re selling for the projects that we offer to our clients.”

“You would need to get with a CPA, which we do have CPAs that we work with, and that we do recommend to actually see how that ties into your plan.”

“Your taxes in Panama are substantially lower for everything.”

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About Evie Brooks

Evie Brooks is an international real estate mentor, coach, and investor, with a special focus on Panama. Today, she leads My Panama Vacation Realty as an International Expat and Relocation Specialist.

Evie is a former Advanced Trainer for Rich Dad Poor Dad and holds a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology from the University of North Georgia.                                                                                                                                                                                 

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