WS1681: Revolutionizing Real Estate with NFT’S | Ori Ohayon

In this episode, our guest Ori Ohayon discusses the importance of the mantra “failure isn’t final” and the resilience required to succeed in the NFT space. He talks about how he has failed many times in his life and career but has always gotten back up and kept going. Ohayon believes that mental resilience is crucial to success and that taking hits and being told no without giving up is essential. He also quotes Winston Churchill: “Success is what happens when you go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Ohayon emphasizes the importance of perseverance and the willingness to keep trying even in the face of setbacks.


  • Would you anticipate that an ancillary effect of this would be to drop the cost of title insurance because it’s going to be easier to ascertain what’s on the title?
  • We’ve created a straightforward business model that promotes adoption.
  • Our business model is predicated on the fact that you can make that transition on an individual title basis cleaner, and smoother than a regular transaction leaving the title in the antiquated system.
  • But because of that, I think it’s got much more capacity for innovation.
  • I think the biggest risk is going to be regulatory.
  • It’s at least five years before it even gets looked at on that scale.
  • Success happens when you go from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

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About Ori Ohayon

Having served as the NFT Head for The Metaverse Group, he led the company’s NFT tech and business development initiatives, driving growth, strategy, and innovation in this emerging market. In addition to actively advising and founding several Web3 companies, he has drawn upon his extensive financial, investment, and technology expertise from his past roles at Goldman Sachs, TD Securities, and GDA Capital. With a focus on Derivatives, High Touch solutions, and Corporate Development, he excels at balancing practicality with innovation, using a forward-looking and solutions-focused mindset to develop entrepreneurial solutions for groundbreaking projects.

Furthermore, he is the Founder and Ideator behind NFT BAZL, a revolutionary NFT marketplace designed for the securitization and transfer of both physical and digital assets, embedding intrinsic value. He has guided the company through all stages of development to an exit, gaining invaluable insights into the Web3 space, particularly in decentralized finance, protocols, product design, smart contract development, and gamification.

He excels at balancing practicality with innovation, using a forward-looking and solutions-focused mindset to create entrepreneurial solutions for groundbreaking projects.

His exceptional track record has set him apart from his peers. His personalized approach to clients and projects, combined with his ability to identify emerging trends, makes him a valuable asset to any organization looking to stay ahead of the curve and maximize their potential in the rapidly evolving world of Web3.


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