Are you set to boost your real estate strategy? Let’s start with Rob Finlay, an industry pioneer. His insights on navigating rising interest rates and the shift to remote work are invaluable.

Moving on, we delve into smart cash management. In this volatile market, he believes those with liquidity and innovative strategies are well-positioned to uncover opportunities.

Continuing, he provides practical tips for asset optimization and debt management. Feeling stuck in the current market? Learn how to counteract its impact on capital market groups with data-driven decisions.

Next, we explore the role of technology in investments. Rob views it as a crucial tool for minimizing mistakes. He guides us through equity optimization and offers advice on determining appropriate levels of debt for different assets.

Shifting focus to passive investors, Rob shares insights on key performance metrics. He emphasizes continuous learning beyond one’s own industry. Engage in dialogues with sponsors, understand various asset classes, and stay prepared to seize opportunities.

Finally, we discuss Rob’s book, “Beyond the Building”, and his perspectives on fostering innovation in commercial real estate. Don’t miss this chance to connect with Rob Finlay, a leading voice in commercial real estate! Start a conversation with him today that could transform your career. Scale real estate with leaders, don’t just follow them.

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About Rob Finlay:

Rob Finlay is the founder and CEO of Thirty Capital, a firm offering advisory, investment, and technology services to growth-oriented operators and investors, brings over 20 years of experience as an active CRE owner, investor, and operator. With an expertise in tech-enabled asset management and capital markets services and solutions, he has successfully launched, developed, and sold numerous CRE tech and finance startups to industry-leading firms. In addition to his business accomplishments, he is also a Level 1 free diver, helicopter pilot, jet pilot, and spearfisherman.

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