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WS1785 How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Family | Highlights Jim Sheils

Looking to fortify the precious bond with your family while managing entrepreneurial tasks? Join our host in a riveting discussion with Jim Sheils, an advocate of the transformative ‘family board meetings’ concept. We delve into the power of intentional quality time, the benefits of tech detox, and empowering our children with decision-making autonomy, all aimed at strengthening the parent-child relationship.

Drawing inspiration from Steve Jobs’ impactful words in his final interview, Jim sheds light on how he skillfully balances his bustling business life with his family commitments. He underscores the significance of authentic communication with our children.

In this dynamic dialogue, we navigate through the blueprint of crafting substantial family experiences and routines. We provide pragmatic advice on imparting lessons about personal growth, financial literacy, and interpersonal skills to our children. Furthermore, we uncover an alarming concern among parents – the fear of not truly understanding their teenage kids. Tune in as we underscore the necessity of fostering an empathetic and supportive atmosphere both in the professional and domestic realm.

As we conclude, we delve into the concept of active service and contribution as influential tools to instill gratitude in our children. Jim recounts a heartwarming story about a communal service activity in Mexico and how he includes his children in diverse service initiatives. We also reveal the harmonious family routines that Jim has established to maintain connectivity. Discover how the concept of ‘team mastermind night’ can bring equilibrium between family and professional obligations. Strap in for this enlightening episode poised to offer strategies and insights to augment your familial bonds amidst entrepreneurial responsibilities.

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About Jim Sheils:

Jim Sheils, a seasoned real estate investor, has over 20 years of experience and 1,000+ acquisitions. After starting in Bakersfield, CA, he moved to Northeast Florida in 2005. His company, Jax Wealth Investments, now focuses on new construction.

In addition to real estate, Jim runs “18 Summers,” a family education firm, and authored a best-selling book. A keen surfer, he enjoys traveling with his wife Jamie and their four children. His most significant journey was donating a kidney to his father.

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