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Welcome back to another episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show! Today, we continue our conversation with Andy Sinclair from Midloch, a distinguished real estate operator and investment company. Andy shares insights into JV equity and preferred equity, highlighting their partnership approach with smaller and medium-sized real estate companies.

He stresses the importance of local relationships and an investor’s role in providing essential resources to support their local operating partners. Andy also discusses the challenges Midloch is facing, the significance of tracking key metrics, and the habits contributing to his success.

Furthermore, Andy provides valuable advice for passive investors, emphasizing the importance of communication and consistency in a successful real estate venture. Don’t miss this episode for a wealth of knowledge and expertise to empower your real estate investment pursuits.

Whether you’re an investor, a family office, or intrigued by real estate syndication dynamics, gear up for a fact-packed session with Andy Sinclair. For more detailed information on investing with Midloch, email Andy at [email protected]. Also, leverage the data-rich resource, CRE Daily News, for your market analysis needs. Uncover successful real estate investment strategies right here on The Real Estate Syndication Show.

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About Andy Sinclair:

Andy Sinclair, CEO and Principal of Midloch Investment Partners, boasts a robust track record in commercial real estate, having invested $685 million in properties. His focus is on commercial properties valued between $15 million and $50 million, collaborating with diverse stakeholders like individual investors, family offices, joint venture partners, and RIAs. Before his current role, Sinclair was vice president at MLG Capital, overseeing the private equity division. He also worked at Palmer Capital, an institutional real estate brokerage, facilitating over $1 billion in West Coast transactions. Sinclair holds a degree in finance, real estate, and economics from Marquette University. Beyond his professional feats, Sinclair, an endurance athlete, has completed four marathons.

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