Are you looking to enhance your real estate investment strategies? Listen to the latest episode of the Daily Real Estate Syndication Show featuring David Tupin, a notable multifamily real estate syndicator and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Discover how David went from buying his first property at 20 to managing over $120 million in commercial multifamily properties by age 28. Learn about his innovative approach to deal structuring, like selling telecom leases to boost investment returns, and his venture, Real Estate Lab, which offers essential tools for multifamily acquisitions and asset management.

David discusses the current market outlook, predicting cautious times ahead with challenges for recent deals. He shares insights on raising over $20 million in capital through strong relationships and compelling narratives. Also, find out how David leverages social media to connect with investors and source deals, and his commitment to mentoring aspiring real estate professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Deal Strategies: Unlock the potential of creative deal structuring for better returns.
  • Market Insights: Prepare for the market’s ups and downs with David’s analysis.
  • Raising Capital: Learn how to attract investors through strong relationships and engaging stories.
  • Leveraging Social Media: Use platforms like Instagram to widen your investor network and find new opportunities.
  • Educational Resources: Tap into David’s expertise and Real Estate Lab for your investment journey.

For those interested in exploring more about David’s strategies or Real Estate Lab, reach out to him via Instagram @realestatejedi or visit

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About David Toupin:

David Toupin is a multifamily real estate investor and entrepreneur, based in Austin Texas. He started investing at the age of 20 when he bought his first property while in college, a 12 unit apartment complex. By the age of 28 David has purchased and developed over $120M in commercial and multifamily real estate as the owner of Toupin Holdings. David is also the founder of Real Estate Lab, a Multifamily acquisitions and asset management software for investors. 


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