WS1990 Lands of Opportunity: Transforming Passion into Profitable Investments | Travis King

Is land investing a smart way to grow wealth? Dive into the lucrative field with Travis King on the Real Estate Syndication Show. As the brain behind Land Investing Mastery, King has flipped land in 29 states and executed countless deals with his partner, Becca. He’s also led over 1,300 coaching calls and a mastermind group, earning over seven figures.

King connects marketing efforts to successful deal flow, stressing the need for constant outreach for a 1% response rate. He shares insights on evolving from a flipper to an investor, showing how land can produce significant cash flow for reinvestment and wealth building.

Key Insights:

  • Flip to Hold: Transition from quick flips to a portfolio of land that earns passive income.
  • Data is Key: Use tools like MapRite and Land Vision to find and analyze deals.
  • Know Your Market: Master the art of finding motivated sellers and negotiating great deals.

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About Travis King:

Travis King, the pioneering mind behind Land Investing Mastery, has made his mark in the real estate sector by flipping land across 29 states, executing hundreds of personal and joint venture flips alongside his wife, Becca. His extensive experience is further highlighted through over a thousand one-on-one coaching calls and leading a mastermind group, accumulating well over seven figures in earnings from land investing. Travis is also the author of “The Land Investors Playbook,” where he shares his wealth of knowledge and strategies in land investment.

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