Most people think you need a high-paying job to invest, but Brian Tibbs proves otherwise. As a missionary earning just $9/hour, he and his wife grew their real estate portfolio into the millions.

How did they do it? Brian shares his “Hacker Method” – a 5-step system for maximizing your investing potential no matter your income. He’ll show you how to hack your lifestyle for maximum savings and leverage the power of compound returns.

You’ll also discover how Brian managed properties from 5000 miles away, built a team to scale his business, and retired from missionary work in his 30s financially independent. Now a successful investor himself, Brian wants to empower anyone to achieve financial freedom through real estate.

Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

  • Anyone can build wealth through real estate investing: Discover Brian’s book “The HACKER Method: The Unexpected Investor’s Guide to Building Wealth (Even On Limited Income)”
  • Managing properties remotely through a strong team is possible: Learn how it helped Brian gain valuable leadership skills and support his mission work in South America.
  • Starting early is important, but it’s never too late to invest: With adequate strategies like house hacking to reduce costs and free up money, it’s always a good time to invest and secure your future.

Don’t miss this inspiring story of how one couple achieved the unexpected through real estate. Learn Brian’s strategies so you can build wealth on your terms too.


00:00 Introduction to Brian Tibbs

03:43 Learning about real estate at 17

07:38 Buying his first duplex at 19

10:08 Owing 10 unites and becoming a missionary

18:38 Investing and developing portfolio

22:00 The 5 steps of “The Hacker Method”

30:56 House hacking to beat the system

37:12 How to build your investing muscles

39:46 Brian’s long-term vision and projections

44:27 The best advice for passive investors

45:13 The most important metrics Brian tracks

47:13 No.1 thing that contributed to Brian’s success

49:30 How to get in touch with Brian?

50:35 Merging with Frontiers

51:39 Raising money for a foundation

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