Passive Investor? Fan of the podcast? Looking to learn about syndication? Welcome to Life Bridge Capital!

Work with Whitney

Learn how to build your real estate syndication business and raise capital.

Experience 1-on-1 coaching with Whitney Sewell.

Before scheduling a 30 minute coaching strategy call, please be advised:

  • The call, along with the pre-call questionnaire, will serve as an application only. Whitney will only be working with one or two very select candidates at at time.
  • If Whitney does decide you are a good fit, you will be granted immediate access to him after your investment fee is received. 
  • This is a two-sided agreement. Applicants must be ready and willing to devote themselves and their time/resources in order to succeed. 
What to expect …
  • Insider access to Whitney
  • Behind-the-curtain look at how Whitney and Life Bridge Capital were able to close 100M in real estate and raise over $35M in 2020.
  • Access to Whitney’s network.
  • Branding and business development guidance 
  • Whitney’s step-by-step capital raise process, and other invaluable resources. 


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3735 Franklin Rd SW Suite 200 Roanoke, VA 24014