WS331: Building Scalable Systems and Processes to Support Business Growth, with Ben Risser

Today on the Real Estate Syndication Show we are joined by Ben Risser. Ben is a recovering aerospace engineer turned syndicator of large commercial real estate investments. He has syndicated 560 plus units in partnership with Matt and Liz Faircloth of the DeRosa Group.

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Ben is primarily focused on the operations and finance side of the business and puts most of his time into developing and adopting the right systems to help their business transition smoothly as it grows. Ben shares some of the main bottlenecks that they’ve experienced as they continue to scale, how to coordinate between different teams, and the biggest mindset shift that has helped him be successful. According to Ben, the most important way to care for your investors is to communicate clearly and set their expectations for what you are predicting. Stay tuned to hear Ben’s best advice for implementing the correct systems and processes to properly support your business as it grows.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • More about Ben’s background and the systems and processes he employes.
  • Ben’s role and specialties in real estate syndication.
  • The biggest bottleneck that Ben has found as their business scales.
  • Systems and processes Ben has implemented as they grow.
  • How to coordinate bookkeeping with your property manager.
  • Importance of communicating a consistent face to your investors.
  • The hardest part of Ben’s real estate syndication journey.
  • A recent change in Ben’s mindset that set him free from the burden of systems.
  • Ben’s best advice for caring for your investors.
  • The one thing that’s contributed to Ben’s success.

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About Ben Risser

As a Syndicator of Commercial Real Estate, Ben Risser has underwritten countless investments for syndication. With a formal education in Aerospace Engineering, Ben leverages his strong mathematical background and passion for business, economics, and investing to rigorously underwrite and asset manage commercial real estate investments and creatively structure debt and equity to provide win-win deal structures for lenders and investors. Ben is also gifted in assisting businesses in achieving their business objectives through business model and plan development, market analysis, product optimization, systemization, documentation, and financial analysis. Ben relentlessly pursues excellence in all things related to business and investing. Ben began building his real estate business in 2010 and has syndicated almost $22 MM in commercial real estate and is currently asset managing nearly $32 MM in value-add commercial real estate projects.

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