On this episode, we have a great conversation with multifamily syndicator Darin Batchelder. From trading loan portfolios to syndicating multifamily deals, he has a diverse background as a CPA, software sales executive, capital markets, loan trading, business owner, to multifamily syndication.

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He has gone from a duplex to syndicating 76 units, and he shares about the run-up to that first deal, including finding the perfect partner – someone more experienced whom he learned a lot from and who gave additional credibility to the deal. He also walks us through the process of starting out with passive investing to becoming a deal sponsor himself, and what emerges from our conversation is the need to remain teachable and to be willing to push through the self-doubt. Educating yourself in terms of the agreements and communication is of primary importance, regardless of whether you are the sponsor or investing in someone else’s deal, and he shares about taking it one step at a time and not being put off by the fear of the unknown. Be sure to tune in for today’s talk!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Getting into real estate as an additional means of growing wealth and saving for retirement.
  • Educating himself in the multifamily space and joining a mentorship group.
  • The value of starting off investing passively in other people’s deals.
  • The need to fully understand agreements and communications from deal sponsors. 
  • Why it is more advantageous to invest in the multifamily asset class than in the stock market. 
  • Darin’s process of becoming a sponsor in his own right and learning to push through fear.
  • The importance of building relationships with the broker community.
  • Key considerations that might help you close that first deal, including the partner you choose. 
  • Preparing yourself for the coming recession and what the biggest risk might be.
  • The hardest part of becoming a deal sponsor and always being open to learning from others. 
  • Building a brand and leveraging social marketing to attract the right people.
  • And much more! 
I didn’t want my money in the stock market anymore. So just from a return standpoint, I wanted to put my money into the multifamily asset class. — Darin Batchelder Click To Tweet

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About Darin Batchelder

Darin Batchelder is an entrepreneur, multifamily syndicator, real estate investor, and the owner of TZK Capital. From trading loan portfolios to syndicating multifamily deals, Darin has a diverse background as a CPA, software sales executive, capital markets, loan trading, business, and multifamily syndication. He has been the lead sponsor on 76 unit townhome community, key principal on FNMA non-recourse loan on 154 unit apartment community, and limited partner in 14 properties with 3,944 multifamily units.

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