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WS1724 Financial Freedom With Infinite Banking | Anthony Faso

Dive into the mysteries of infinite banking with our insightful guest, Anthony Faso. As a reformed CPA and a proud US Army veteran, Anthony doesn’t just demystify the complex world of infinite banking, but he also provides valuable insights on how to harness it for achieving financial independence. Moreover, he illuminates the ways in which this uncommon method presents a perfect platform for investors, its potential risks, and factors to consider before choosing it. Additionally, Anthony generously shares a link to his free course for a comprehensive understanding of infinite banking.

Throughout our enlightening discussion, Anthony unveils his personal journey. Specifically, he highlights how the 2008 financial crisis was a pivotal moment in his life, leading him to uncover the potency of passive income and the vast possibilities within the infinite banking concept. Furthermore, we delve into how using infinite banking to invest in syndications can yield substantial benefits. Also, we clarify how mastering rewards credit cards can be a stepping stone to understanding infinite banking. Lastly, we dissect the cash cycle of investors, discussing methods to store your money in an account that offers superior returns and enhanced safety compared to traditional banks.

But the learning journey doesn’t end there. We dive deeper into the advantages of policy loans within the infinite banking framework. Leveraging Anthony’s expertise, we analyze how to utilize the tax code to your benefit and the positive implications of interest rates paid to the insurance company. Equally important, we explore the consequences of failing to repay a loan and the options available when loan management becomes challenging. You’ll gain insights into various ways to access cash value in an infinite banking system and understand the terms of the loan. So, join us in this finance-fortifying conversation with Anthony Faso and elevate your comprehension of infinite banking.


(0:03:24) – Understanding Infinite Banking and Passive Income
(0:09:46) – Understanding Infinite Banking and It’s Benefits
(0:16:46) – The Benefits of Policy Loans
(0:26:30) – Understanding the Benefits of Infinite Banking
(0:35:05) – Understanding Loan Terms and Myths
(0:38:51) – Tracking Metrics and Giving Back

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About Anthony Faso:

  • A proud U.S. Army veteran and self-described “recovering” CPA
  • Has worked at the world’s largest accounting firm and served as CFO of a chain of restaurants
  • After 2008 recession, realized that financial freedom would never be found in the latest Wall Street-created financial product. 
  • Teaches and coaches individuals and business owners about money and investing. 
  • BS in Accounting from U of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Fun Fact: was Corporate Controller of Memphis Championship Barbeque for 6 years.


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