WS1731 Scaling Your Company Using Virtual Assistants | Alex Tam

Prepare for an insightful journey with Alex Tam, founder of Zephyr Equity Group. His transition from a chiropractor to a successful entrepreneur is nothing short of compelling. He’ll share his unique experiences in capital raising, investor relations, and the art of nurturing relationships for business success.

Alex’s innovative use of virtual assistants (VAs) sets this episode apart. He underscores the power of delegation and the role of the right VA in managing tasks such as social media, graphic design, and advertising. With a strong team of 11 full-time VAs, Alex shares how he scaled his operations. He also gives tips from ‘Who, Not How’ on selecting the perfect VA.

As we conclude, Alex delves into his real estate ventures. He shares wisdom on his early days in real estate, his go-to channels for new investors, and essential success metrics. From productive habits to his views on passive income, Alex provides a holistic picture of his professional life. Additionally, he talks about balancing work with family time and giving back to the community.

Join us on this riveting journey with Alex Tam! If you wish to reach out to him, contact him directly at 775-717-0090. Please respect his time and privacy.

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About Alex Tam:

Dr. Alex Tam, a chiropractor and Clinical Director of an Integrative Medical Practice, is the proud founder of Zephyr Equity Group, a venture he embarked on with his wife. Despite his success in the medical field, he found that his demanding 60+ hour job was taking a significant toll on his family time. Consequently, this led him to explore the realm of Real Estate Investing (REI). As a result, today, Zephyr Equity Group boasts 225 units spread across six properties in four states. Continually striving for efficiency, Alex emphasizes the importance of delegation and has even founded a virtual assistant company. Furthermore, he utilizes his experiences to mentor entrepreneurs, especially doctors and small business owners, showing them how to expand their businesses and make insightful investments.


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