WS1732 Boost Your Cashflow With Cost Segregation | Wes Mabry

Have you ever considered how to boost the performance of your real estate investment? Join us for an enlightening journey into the realm of real estate tax savings and cost segregation with Wes Mabry, owner of 1245 Consulting and a seasoned professional with a 15-year track record in cost segregation studies. Wes unravels the potential of income-generating properties and the leverage to counterbalance tax liabilities with depreciation. Understand why cost segregation could revolutionize your commercial real estate portfolio.

In this deep-dive discussion with Wes, we dissect the workings of cost segregation and its crucial function in amassing depreciation and minimizing income tax liabilities. Uncover how both General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) can exploit the benefits of cost segregation, unravel the intricacies between passive and non-passive losses, and steer through the detailed process of obtaining a cost segregation study. Wes imparts his knowledge on how varying asset classes and business plans can affect the feasibility of this wealth-enhancing strategy.

We further delve into the specifics of cost segregation for commercial and short-term rental real estate investments. Wes navigates us through critical elements of the cost seg study, including determining land value at the time of property acquisition and mastering the complexities of managing recapture tax. Additionally, we explore what differentiates 1245 Consulting from the competition, and how you can embark on your real estate investment journey. Conclude your listening experience with Wes’ investment advice and the prospects of branching out beyond the multifamily space.

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About Wes Mabry:

Wes Mayberry is the esteemed owner of 1245 Consulting. He brings a wealth of over 15 years of industry experience to his role. Throughout his career, he has evaluated over $7.6 billion in real property improvements. This work spans a diverse range of asset classes. Notably, Wes has also worked with both Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and Cost Segregation Engineering firms. Prior to his current role, he served as the Chief Appraiser for a major Houston-based real estate firm. There, he led a team performing hundreds of cost segregation studies each year. Additionally, Wes has collaborated with a variety of professionals. These include Accountants, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and representatives from Real Estate Investment Trusts, Corporations, and Partnerships. He also works with individual investors.


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