WS1834 How To Start A Podcast For Your Real Estate Business | Highlights Brian Pickerel

In this featured episode, Brian Pickerel delves into the podcasting landscape. He discusses its ascent and the compelling reasons for businesses to embrace this medium. He examines the merits of podcasting, cites triumphant instances of businesses harnessing podcasts, and imparts practical steps for launching a thriving podcast. Furthermore, he evaluates diverse podcasting equipment alternatives and imparts guidance for selecting the ideal tools for your podcasting endeavor.

Podcasting gains recognition as a popular, accessible medium with two million podcasts available. Starting a podcast enhances brand visibility, fosters a loyal audience, and establishes thought leadership. Exemplary podcasts like “Shopify Masters” and “Work Life” showcase how businesses share insights and connect with their audience. Vital strategies encompass defining your target audience, content strategy, quality equipment, cross-platform promotion, and engaging with your audience. Discover your purpose beyond a job title, recognizing unique skills to fulfill your mission in various contexts.

Podcasting extends businesses a distinctive and intimate channel for customer engagement, brand amplification, and the establishment of thought leadership. With a clear understanding of their mission and the right equipment investment, businesses can reap the manifold rewards of podcasting. This episode furnishes seasoned podcasters and newcomers alike with invaluable insights and recommendations to prosper in the podcasting realm.

Eager to delve deeper? Click on the links below to explore the full episodes and gain invaluable insights on launching your own podcast, understanding your purpose, and selecting the appropriate equipment for a triumphant podcasting journey. These invaluable resources await your discovery – start listening now to elevate your podcasting endeavors to new heights.

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About Brian Pickerel:

Brian, who serves as the Director of Podcast Editing & Production at Vox Valens Media and is the Owner of Pick Designs, brings a wealth of expertise to the table. With a sharp eye for detail and a steadfast dedication to excellence, he manages all facets of podcast production and design operations. His consistent delivery of high-quality work and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction set him apart.


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