WS1905 From Bankrupt to Breakthrough | Erik Allen

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking to Erik Allen, a podcasting expert who has overcome many challenges in his life. Erik shares his personal journey of growing up in a broken home, battling addiction, and finding redemption through his faith. He emphasizes the importance of changing one’s environment and seeking out positive influences.

We then delved into the world of podcasting, with Erik providing valuable insights and tips for aspiring podcasters. He stresses the significance of launching a podcast on a topic that one is passionate about and finding ways to bring value to guests. Erik also discusses the importance of consistency and not giving up, as many podcasters tend to quit after just a few episodes.

We also touched on the topic of finding guests for a podcast. Erik recommends reaching out to guests through Instagram DMs and using personalized video messages to capture their attention. He emphasizes the importance of offering value to potential guests and focusing on promoting their work.

Overall, this episode provides valuable advice for anyone interested in starting a podcast or looking to improve their existing podcast. Erik’s personal story and expertise in podcasting were truly inspiring, and I’m grateful to have had him as a guest on the show.

To connect with Erik Allen and learn more about his work, visit his website at You can also find him on Instagram at @erikgallen and on YouTube at Erik Allen Media. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to connect with Erik and discover valuable insights in the world of podcasting and entrepreneurship.

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About Erik Allen:

With over two decades of experience in Sales, Personal Branding, Account Management, Customer Success, Leadership, and Team Building, Erik Allen is a seasoned consultant. Despite a challenging background that includes growing up in a broken home, getting jailed at 18, and facing bankruptcy at 21, he successfully turned his life around in 2004 by embracing Christianity. Celebrating over 18 years of marriage and maintaining sobriety, Erik is now committed to assisting entrepreneurs in gaining online visibility. Additionally, as a highly successful podcast host ranking in the top 1.5% globally, Erik has been featured on various platforms, including Nasdaq, Dropping Bombs with Brad Lea, CB Nation, Good Freelancing, News Wire Magazine, Disrupt Magazine, Hustler’s Digest, and more.


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