WS1860 Scaling Multifamily Investments | Highlights Wes Mabry & Tom Higgins

Join us in this real estate highlight episode as we explore success with Tom Higgins from Terra Capital. Witness the transformation from a simple college real estate license to becoming a multi-family real estate trailblazer. Tom excels in turning sub-20 unit properties into thriving 200+ unit portfolios in the Midwest, emphasizing the crucial role of scale and buying power.

In the next segment, Wes Mabry joins us to delve into cost segregation for commercial real estate investors. This strategic tool involves identifying building components to accelerate depreciation and offset income tax liability. Wes’s insights can significantly impact your investment strategy.

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About Wes Mabry:

Wes Mayberry, owner of 1245 Consulting, leverages 15+ years’ experience, evaluating $7.6B in property improvements across diverse asset classes. Former Chief Appraiser in Houston, he led cost segregation studies, collaborating with professionals, including CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and investors.

Tom Higgins, co-founder of Terra Capital, converts mini-multi properties into profitable portfolios, ensuring substantial cash flow after renovation. With over a decade of experience in top brokerages and development firms, he has managed $1.5B in real estate, overseeing 2000+ multifamily units. A Columbia University graduate in Economics and Philosophy, Tom, also a husband, new father, and Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast, demonstrates his commitment to discipline and continuous learning through his multifaceted roles.


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