WS1977 Unlocking Investment Success: Tom Dunkel’s SAFE Method Explained

Are you seeking insights into successful real estate investing? In today’s episode of The Daily Real Estate Syndication Show, we welcome Tom Dunkel, Belrose Storage Group’s Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer. With a vast experience of over 30 years in real estate and corporate finance, Tom shares his journey from overcoming corporate setbacks to achieving entrepreneurial success in real estate. His story highlights the essence of resilience and the importance of learning from adversity, offering valuable lessons for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the real estate industry.

During our discussion, Tom introduced the SAFE method, a strategic due diligence framework designed to analyze alternative investment opportunities, emphasizing Sponsor, Asset, Financials, and Exit. This approach underlines the necessity of meticulous evaluation in real estate investments, from vetting sponsors to planning exit strategies. Tom also touched on the importance of transparency and active involvement in passive investing, providing a sneak peek into Belrose Storage Group’s latest ventures in self-storage facilities.


  • Resilience and continuous learning are key to overcoming challenges and succeeding in real estate.
  • The SAFE method is a crucial framework for evaluating real estate investments effectively.
  • Transparency and active involvement are essential in passive investing.
  • Exploring strategic investment opportunities, like those offered by Belrose Storage Group, can significantly enhance your portfolio.

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About Tom Dunkel:

Tom Dunkel, Managing Director and CIO of Belrose Storage Group, specializes in turning around underperforming assets in the Eastern US. With a rich background in corporate finance and over 30 years in real estate investment, Dunkel has a knack for finding discounted assets nationwide. Formerly the President of Elbow Holdings for 17 years, he brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight from his base in Wayne, PA, to the real estate investment landscape.


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