WS13: How to Find Real Estate Syndication Deals with Unlocked Value with Sarah May

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In this episode, Whitney interviews Sarah May, Managing Partner, Regency Investment Group. Sarah reveals some great Tips and Tricks that has allowed her group to SCALE up to own 1,000 doors in an extremely short period of time. Sarah, an aerospace engineer left her rewarding career when she saw a chance to build up a steady stream of passive income from the syndication business. How do you scout out properties with unlocked value? And, what are some ways to bring about great value add? This episode is peppered with some great wisdom. Tune in now!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:27 –  Whitney introduces Sarah to listeners
  • 01:49 –  Sarah states her reason for transitioning from the aerospace industry to real estate syndication
  • 03:06 – Why did Sarah opt for real estate syndication instead of fixing and flipping properties?
  • 04:03 – What sort of properties does Sarah prefer to invest in?
  • 04:48 –  How to drive greater value addition from your real estate properties
  • 06:13 –  Brief overview of the last deal that Sarah syndicated
  • 07:42 – What is the likelihood of coming across a deal where the owner is charging less than market rent?
  • 08:43 – What made Sarah leave a rewarding career to don the syndicator hat?
  • 10:25 –  Importance of building up a great team
  • 10:56 –  Networking nuances that every syndicator should be aware of
  • 12:36 –  Underwriting Tips for syndicators that will help you crack the right deal
  • 13:17 – What is the #1 thing that a syndicator can do to improve his business?
  • 14:06 –  Sarah’s shares her methodology for finding deals
  • 15:11 – What is the most common mistake that syndicators make while analyzing a deal?
  • 16:26 –  Sarah shares her contact information
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In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Why real estate syndication is better than fix and flip
  2. Networking Tips and Tricks for real estate syndicators
  3. How to underwrite a great syndication deal


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