WS95: How to Raise Capital and Save Tax Dollars in Real Estate Syndication with Thomas Castelli

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In this episode, Whitney interviews Thomas Casteli, Tax strategist, The Real Estate CPA. Thomas shares some expert and innovative tips for raising capital and saving tax dollars in real estate syndication.

Can you use a crowdfunding platform for financing a syndication deal? If yes, are there any drawbacks in doing so? Can a rental property loss offset losses from other businesses? We also reveal how cost segregation and housing your syndication business as an S corporation can help you save your tax dollars. Tune in for some great insights!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Thomas to listeners
  • 01:20 – Thomas always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind
  • 01:48 – Thomas shares how an inheritance triggered his accidental foray into the syndication business
  • 02:24 – How an experienced mentor can help you kickstart your syndication business
  • 03:26 – How did Thomas manage to cultivate a close working relationship with his mentor?
  • 04:30 – Thomas reveals how he landed his first syndication deal
  • 06:13 – Learn how Thomas used a crowd funding platform to finance his first syndication deal
  • 07:10 – Thomas plans to consolidate and then shift base to Florida
  • 07:40 – Can you use a crowd funding platform to finance a syndication deal?
  • 08:22 – Are there any drawbacks in using a crowd funding platform to finance your syndication deal?
  • 09:03 – Has Thomas’s CPA background helped him in prospecting investors?
  • 10:04 – Thomas explains how cost segregation can allow you to save your tax dollars
  • 12:47 – Can you use a rental property loss to offset loss from your other businesses?
  • 13:58 – Get your tax queries answered by the Real Estate CPA!
  • 16:16 – How soon should you get in touch with a CPA?
  • 17:44 – How forming a S Corp can help you minimize taxes on fees that you receive as a GP
  • 19:00 – Should a GP contribute his own capital to a deal?
  • 19:50 – Necessity of having a proper and accurate P & L
  • 21:08 – Thomas’s advice for inexperienced syndicators who wish to transition to the syndication business
  • 22:29 – What is the hardest part of the syndication business?
  • 23:37 – What is the #1 thing that has contributed to Thomas’s success?
  • 24:35 – Thomas shares how using a CRM can help you streamline your syndication  business
  • 25:57 – Thomas shares his contact information
  • 26:26 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
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In this episode, you will learn

  1. Pros and Cons of using a crowd sourcing platform for financing your syndication deal
  2. How a S corporation can help you save tax dollars
  3. The ART of finding a mentor whom you can successfully partner with


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