WS118: How to Stay Financially Disciplined and Secure your Future with Aaron Chapman

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Aaron Chapman, Branch Manager, Real Estate Finance at SecurityNational Mortgage Company shares how common sense and financial discipline can help you achieve your financial goals, and secure your and your family’s future.

How is Aaron teaching his children aged 12 to 19 the nuances of property investing and financial planning? How can you inculcate in your children the habit of saving? You will learn how the power of compounding can help combat inflation – thus allowing you to meet your end goals.

Aaron also shares how he and his organization can help you build a long term and stable real estate investing business. Tune in for some great insights!

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:29 – Whitney introduces Aaron to listeners
  • 01:18 – Aaron hits the lowest point of his life
  • 03:27 – Aaron’s AH-HA moment: He discovers real estate investing
  • 04:40 – How leverage can massively push up ROI’s in real estate investing
  • 05:30 – How many transactions does Aaron execute every year?
  • 06:00 – Aaron provides value add services that can help you build a long term and sustainable real estate investing business
  • 06:29 – Importance of experience and track record in real estate investing
  • 08:52 – What is the ideal client profile for Aaron?
  • 09:13 – How Aaron’s in-depth understanding of the real estate market gives me him a competitive advantage over commercial banks
  • 10:18 – Get your tax queries answered by the Real Estate CPA
  • 11:54 – Why does Aaron prefer to finance his real estate investments with money borrowed against his life insurance policy?
  • 14:12 – Aaron reveals how he is inculcating financial discipline into his children
  • 14:53 – How is Aaron teaching his children the ropes of the syndication business
  • 18:03 – How the power of compounding can multiply your investments multiple folds over the long run
  • 22:36 – How did Aaron come with a sound financial plan for his kids? Aaron reveals the benefits of involving kids in your business and finances from a young age
  • 26:46 – What is the most important thing that has contributed to Aaron’s success?
  • 27:37 – How a life-threatening accident changed Aaron’s perspective towards life
  • 29:51 – Aaron shares his contact information
  • 30:48 – Schedule a call with Whitney now!
  • [spp-timestamp time=”31:00″] – A Special Thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn

  1. How financial leverage can help generate extremely attractive ROI’s in real estate investing
  2. Effective ways of teaching finances to your children
  3. How to teach your children the nuances of the syndication business


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