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June 2019
RES 232 | Passive Investing
Multifamily syndication is something to dive right into if you want to take advantage of high-value real estate with high returns. Managing partner of and Apartments Syndication Company, Dan Handford, joins us to discuss the three criteria for you to consider when you’re looking at investing passively with another syndication. Known as the Founder...
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RES 231 | Limiting Beliefs In Real Estate
  What is holding you back from investing in real estate and achieving a six to seven-figure success in a short period? There are so much limiting beliefs that have been prevalent in the real estate arena that results to investors soaking all of it in and shying away from going all in on one...
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RES 230 | Asset Management
  Everything starts from scratch. Even businesses and asset management start from nothing, but it only takes one person to materialize something into one great entity. Ben Suttles, the co-Founder of Disrupt Equity, shares his journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. He talks about his first deal, raising capital, managing a team, and the difficulties...
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RES 229 | Syndication
The big piece into succeeding in business is having the internal motivation and the right mentor. This is what Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC, teaches us when it comes to becoming successful in our businesses. For him, real estate is about helping each other. Jeff shares some tips on how you can...
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RES 228 | Reg A
  A Regulation A or a Reg A offering is an exemption from registration requirements. It may seem like a promising term but going through the entire exemption process can be quite daunting. Mark Mascia, CEO of Mascia Development LLC, teaches us how to maneuver around the process of pursuing a Reg A exemption. He goes back...
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RES 227 | Real Estate Deals
Many people who have started investing in real estate and closing real estate deals began with a full-time job. A successful rental housing provider in Central East Ontario for 17 years and also a police officer for 29 years to date, Jules McKenzie reveals the secret to managing two worlds at a time. As he...
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RES 226 | Building Wealth
  Being a member or a head of a syndicate or being a real estate investor comes with some vital rules for building wealth. Christopher Calandra, the founder and principal at Elliot Wealth Management Services, LLC, talks about the seven wealth-building rules every investor must know. Christopher is a certified financial planner with over 26...
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RES 225 | Meetups
  Gathering people with common interests is not an easy task. Meetups need more than just time. Organizing it also involves so many vital components. Dan Handford, the founder of Multifamily Investor Nation, discusses his strategies for starting meetups. Any organizer must know what to expect in these events must especially know how to organize...
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RES 224 | Self-Directed IRA
  Investing through an SDIRA or self-directed IRA, your asset’s earnings can have a built-in tax break. Undergoing this kind of investment can be a tedious process which is why a self-directed custodian like Joey Eplite exists. Joey is a finance student at the University of Central Florida and a NuView consultant. He has helped...
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RES 223 | Passive Investing
  When a full-time job is not enough, people tend to hunt for means to invest and earn passive income. Brian Robbins, the author of Done!: The Professional’s Guide to Double-Digit Returns, Multi-Generational Wealth, and our Worry-Free Retirement, unravels the steps to becoming a passive investor and being an expert on it. Also the CEO...
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