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WS314: Self-Study Your Way into Multifamily Syndication Success, with Duamel Vellon

Our guest today is Duamel Vellon. Duamel began his real estate journey in early 2019 and today is the Founder of Ten15 Capital. Duamel started investing in multifamily, and after just a few short months, closed his first deal on a 324-unit asset as part of his first syndication!

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Duamel is one of Vinney Chopra’s Mastermind students and in this episode, we discover how Duamel has been able to fast-track his journey as a syndicator through mentorship, self-study, and getting out of his comfort zone. Duamel unpacks his own past prejudices about coaches and how he was able to overcome them by experiencing their value firsthand. Duamel also offers some great tips and advice on what books and resources you can use to assist you in your self-study, how to present yourself as a new syndicator, and how to take care of your investors. If you’re a new syndicator or are wanting to get into multifamily, Duamel’s story is truly inspiring. So make sure you tune in and learn all that you can from his remarkable journey!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Discover why Duamel’s got into multifamily for his own family.
  • Find out how Duamel educated himself on multifamily syndication.
  • Duamel shares the importance of networking and vision.
  • How Duamel came to be a Mastermind student of Vinney Chopra.
  • How Duamel changed his entire perception of coaching as a “scam.”
  • Books Duamel used to fast-track his education on multifamily.
  • The top qualities to look for in a coach or mentor today.
  • Duamel explains the process of his first passive investment.
  • Duamel shares his tips for presenting yourself as a syndicator.
  • The difficulty of establishing credibility as a new syndicator.
  • How to improve your business through the law of attraction.
  • The benefit of teaming up with friends to propel your business.
  • Duamel shares his advice for taking care of investors.
  • The importance of getting out of your comfort zone to really grow.

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About Duamel Vellon

Duamel Vellon started the multifamily investment journey in January 2019 and in June 2019 closed on first deal. He was one of Vinney Chopra’s Mastermind students, closing on a 324-unit asset on June 27 as part of his first syndication (with Vinney Chopra). Duamel was involved with the property tour, due diligence, passive investor and transition team. Duamel is a massive action taker and lives in Orlando Florida with wife and two kids.

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