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Real estate investors who want alternative options, have you heard these myths about investing in real estate with private lending? Let’s debunk them! Myth #1: Private lending is only for those who can’t qualify for traditional loans. Myth #2: Private lending is too risky. Myth #3: Private lenders charge exorbitant interest rates. But fear not, Serena Holmes will share the truth and show you how private lending can be a game-changer for your real estate investments.


  • Consider private lending as a way to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Determine your risk tolerance before investing in private lending.
  • Be cautious of extended terms and high interest rates when investing in private lending.
  • Work with trusted referrals and conduct due diligence on potential borrowers.
  • Consider a one-year investment term for added flexibility.
  • Look for opportunities with clear end dates and tangible assets.
  • Only invest what you’re willing to lose.

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About Serena Holmes

Serena Holmes, a real estate investor with a flair for private lending. Her 18-year tenure as the founder of Tigris Events, an award-winning brand experience agency, has given her the knowledge and skills to excel in the real estate market. Serena is also the author of “The Accidental Entrepreneur,” a book that details her incredible journey from a difficult childhood to a prosperous entrepreneur with a love for family, travel, health, fitness, wildlife, and sustainability


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