WS1684 Accessing Trillions in Capital and Tokenizing Real Estate  | Joshua Kagan

In this episode, we explore tokenizing real estate and its benefits. Our guest, Joshua Kagan, co-founder of Bonfire, explains how tokenization provides access to new forms of capital in the capital stack, allowing sponsors to attract international and domestic accredited and unaccredited investors. He highlights tokenization’s compliant and cost-effective nature, with Bonfire charging no fees to sponsors. Additionally, Joshua discusses the potential for liquidity for limited partners (LPs) and its convenience for sponsors. Join us as we dive into the types of assets suitable for tokenization, fundraising strategies, and the communication process between sponsors, Bonfire, and investors. Discover how tokenizing real estate can offer sponsors greater flexibility, diversification, and engagement with investors in this exciting episode on the future of real estate financing. 

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About Joshua Kagan

Joshua Kagan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bonfire. Bonfire’s mission is to democratize access to real estate and enable anyone to get on the property-ownership ladder. Joshua has spent the last 14 years working in leadership positions in fintech and real estate.

Through Joshua’s innovative thinking and unwavering dedication, Bonfire has grown into a global force, empowering countless individuals and organizations to create meaningful change. Today, Joshua continues to lead Bonfire, driving its mission forward and inspiring others to make a difference through the power of custom apparel and fundraising. His entrepreneurial journey serves as a testament to the transformative potential of combining technology, creativity, and a passion for social good.


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