WS1690 Brothers in Business: From Owning CPG Companies to Investing in Real Estate

Embark on a captivating journey as two brothers share their inspiring story, transitioning from owning CPG companies to venturing into real estate investing. Discover their triumphs, challenges, and strategic insights as they navigate the competitive worlds of consumer goods and property investments. Gain valuable knowledge and motivation from their entrepreneurial experiences, making this podcast a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned investors alike. Join us for “Brothers in Business: CPG to Real Estate.”

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About Mark and James Aleks

Mark and James, Alex, brothers and founders of Zaca moved to Colorado in 2005 and started their company in 2008.

Inspired by Colorado lifestyle of working hard and playing from the hiking and skiing and workouts and social drinks, they made a recovery chewable for rehydration and replenishment with a focus on financial freedom and passive cash flow.

They discovered real estate syndications and made their first investment back in 2018. Since then, Mark and James have been motivated to continually add syndication investments to their growing portfolio as their business also grows.


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