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In this episode , we welcome back Cowboy Joe to share his incredible journey from homelessness in ’08/’09 to his current success in real estate development. Listen in as he shares valuable insights on capital structures, debt, equity, and the importance of reserving money to handle downturns. Cowboy Joe emphasizes the power of having equity partners in projects and the opportunity cost of not having liquid money on hand.

We also discuss critical components of the capital structure, including debt and equity, and explore important metrics such as LTV, DSCR, and BER to measure the health of a project. Cowboy Joe breaks down loan costs and how to identify the best loan for a project, while stressing the importance of having a minimum of six months of reserves. He also talks about the importance of protecting investments and having alternative plans if something unexpected happens.

Cowboy Joe’s journey to financial independence is truly inspiring. In this episode, he highlights the importance of maintaining balance, prioritizing health, and evaluating new ideas. Listen in as he shares his thoughts on the capital structure and the metrics he uses to measure the health of his investments. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from Cowboy Joe’s experiences and apply his valuable insights to your own real estate investments.

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About Joe Marques

  • 39-year experience in construction, project management, RE development, and environmental remediation. 
  • Has been involved in numerous RE development projects across the U.S:  turnkey subdivisions, MF, 5,000 bed crew lodges, Gulf-front condos, resorts, commercial buildings, mixed use, and marinas.
  • Been involved in some unique projects in the Caribbean and South America, ranging in value from $1.2M  to $100M+. 
  • BS in Environmental Science from Livingston University in 1988. Has extended training and certifications
  • Mission: developing entrepreneurs’ minds to get them to know who they are and how powerful they truly are.
  • Studied under financial investment and capital structure experts such as George Antone, Mark Moss, Raoul Pal, Michael Saylor, and Tom Bilyeu. Now teaches others!
  • Focus is studying and teaching velocity of money/money flow management. 

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