WS1712 The Omnah Foundation: Changing the Lives of Families and Children Through Adoption | Joel Bremner

Join us on a heartfelt journey as we share how our personal calling to adopt has blossomed into a mission to help other families do the same. Our guest, Joel Bremner, also shares his transition from a professional musician to a guiding figure in our foundation, demonstrating the transformative power of a purpose-driven life. His story is a testament to the positive impact of dedicating oneself to a cause greater than one’s self.

It’s not just about sharing our journey, but rather, encouraging you to become part of our mission. We explore the role of our real estate syndication show in helping you build wealth in real estate, while our foundation brings you the opportunity to change a child’s life. The highlight of our talk is the introduction of a new no interest loan program, which is designed to equip more families with the resources they need to adopt. Come, join us on this journey and be a part of something, whose reward is beyond any monetary measure.

If you’re passionate about adoption and want to learn more about how Omnah Foundation supports this important cause, click the link below.

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About Joel Bremner

Joel became a member of the Omnah Foundation team in 2021, assuming the role of Associate Director and overseeing the foundation’s operations. Having spent 14 years as a music teacher for middle and high school students, his experiences kindled a profound desire within him to witness children finding stability and love within nurturing households, particularly those where Christ holds a central place. Being part of the Omnah Foundation allows him to actively engage in this mission, working diligently to provide encouragement and support to Christian families who are undergoing the adoption process. Residing in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Joel shares his life with his wife Rachel and their four children.

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